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Badokhon, A. Co Author Listing * Hidden Smile Correlation Discovery Across Subjects Using Random Walk with Restart

Badola, A.[Anushree] Co Author Listing * Assessing Wildfire Burn Severity and Its Relationship with Environmental Factors: A Case Study in Interior Alaska Boreal Forest
* Evaluation of Simulated AVIRIS-NG Imagery Using a Spectral Reconstruction Method for the Retrieval of Leaf Chlorophyll Content
* Hyperspectral Data Simulation (Sentinel-2 to AVIRIS-NG) for Improved Wildfire Fuel Mapping, Boreal Alaska

Badoual, A.[Anais] Co Author Listing * Active Subdivision Surfaces for the Semiautomatic Segmentation of Biomedical Volumes
* EM-Driven Unsupervised Learning for Efficient Motion Segmentation
* Inner-Product Calculus for Periodic Functions and Curves, An
* Local refinement for 3D deformable parametric surfaces
* Locally refinable parametric snakes
* Multiresolution Subdivision Snakes
* Texture-driven parametric snakes for semi-automatic image segmentation
Includes: Badoual, A.[Anais] Badoual, A.[Ana´s] Badoual, A.
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Badouh, A.[Asaf] Co Author Listing * DeepHealth Toolkit: A Unified Framework to Boost Biomedical Applications, The

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