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Avola, D. Co Author Listing * 2-D Skeleton-Based Action Recognition via Two-Branch Stacked LSTM-RNNs
* 3D hand pose and shape estimation from RGB images for keypoint-based hand gesture recognition
* Adaptive bootstrapping management by keypoint clustering for background initialization
* Adaptive Sampling and Non Linear Reconstruction for Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Aerial video surveillance system for small-scale UAV environment monitoring
* Analyzing EEG Data with Machine and Deep Learning: A Benchmark
* Deep Temporal Analysis for Non-Acted Body Affect Recognition
* Encephalic NMR Tumor Diversification by Textural Interpretation
* Exploiting Recurrent Neural Networks and Leap Motion Controller for the Recognition of Sign Language and Semaphoric Hand Gestures
* Feature-Based SLAM Algorithm for Small Scale UAV with Nadir View
* Hand Gesture Recognition Exploiting Handcrafted Features and LSTM
* Human Body Language Analysis: A Preliminary Study Based on Kinect Skeleton Tracking
* Innovative On-line Handwriting Identification Algorithm Based on Stroke Features
* keypoint-based method for background modeling and foreground detection using a PTZ camera, A
* Keyrtual: A Lightweight Virtual Musical Keyboard Based on RGB-D and Sensors Fusion
* Lietome: An LSTM-based Method for Deception Detection by Hand Movements
* LieToMe: Preliminary study on hand gestures for deception detection via Fisher-LSTM
* Machine Learning Approach for the Online Separation of Handwriting from Freehand Drawing, A
* Master and Rookie Networks for Person Re-identification
* Medicinal Boxes Recognition on a Deep Transfer Learning Augmented Reality Mobile Application
* MS-Faster R-CNN: Multi-Stream Backbone for Improved Faster R-CNN Object Detection and Aerial Tracking from UAV Images
* Multimodal Feature Fusion and Knowledge-Driven Learning via Experts Consult for Thyroid Nodule Classification
* New Descriptor for Keypoint-Based Background Modeling, A
* Novel GAN-Based Anomaly Detection and Localization Method for Aerial Video Surveillance at Low Altitude, A
* Novel Recognition Approach for Sketch-Based Interfaces, A
* Novel T-CAD Framework to Support Medical Image Analysis and Reconstruction, A
* R-SigNet: Reduced space writer-independent feature learning for offline writer-dependent signature verification
* Real-time GAN-based Model for Underwater Image Enhancement
* Real-Time Incremental and Geo-Referenced Mosaicking by Small-Scale UAVs
* Selection of Temporal Features for Event Detection in Smart Security
* SketchSPORE: A Sketch Based Domain Separation and Recognition System for Interactive Interfaces
* Time-of-Flight Camera Based Virtual Reality Interaction for Balance Rehabilitation Purposes
* UAV Video Dataset for Mosaicking and Change Detection From Low-Altitude Flights, A
* Ultrasound Medical Imaging Techniques: A Survey
Includes: Avola, D. Avola, D.[Danilo]
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Avola, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * Overview of the Special Issue on Precision Agriculture Using Hyperspectral Images, An
* Remotely Sensed Vegetation Indices to Discriminate Field-Grown Olive Cultivars

Avolio, E.[Elenio] Co Author Listing * Airspace Contamination by Volcanic Ash from Sequences of Etna Paroxysms: Coupling the WRF-Chem Dispersion Model with Near-Source L-Band Radar Observations
* On the Interplay between Desert Dust and Meteorology Based on WRF-Chem Simulations and Remote Sensing Observations in the Mediterranean Basin
* Precipitation Structure of the Mediterranean Tropical-Like Cyclone Numa: Analysis of GPM Observations and Numerical Weather Prediction Model Simulations, The

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