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Atif, I. Co Author Listing * Modeling and Simulation of Glacier Avalanche: A Case Study of Gayari Sector Glaciers Hazards Assessment

Atif, J.[Jamal] Co Author Listing * ALC(F): A New Description Logic for Spatial Reasoning in Images
* Copula-set measures on topographic maps for change detection
* Detecting and adapting to crisis pattern with context based Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Explanatory Reasoning for Image Understanding Using Formal Concept Analysis and Description Logics
* Fuzzy 'Along' Spatial Relation in 3D. Application to Anatomical Structures in Maxillofacial CBCT
* Hausdorff Distances Between Distributions Using Optimal Transport and Mathematical Morphology
* Image Classification Using Marginalized Kernels for Graphs
* Kernel Fusion for Image Classification Using Fuzzy Structural Information
* Local Reasoning in Fuzzy Attribute Graphs for Optimizing Sequential Segmentation
* New Fuzzy Connectivity Class Application to Structural Recognition in Images, A
* New Fuzzy Connectivity Measure for Fuzzy Sets: And Associated Fuzzy Attribute Openings, A
* Sequential model-based segmentation and recognition of image structures driven by visual features and spatial relations
* Training Compact Deep Learning Models for Video Classification Using Circulant Matrices
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Atif, M. Co Author Listing * Profiling Players Using Real-World Datasets: Clustering the Data and Correlating the Results with the Big-Five Personality Traits

Atif, S.M.[Syed Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Improved SVD-based initialization for nonnegative matrix factorization using low-rank correction

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