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Antrobus, V.[Vicki] Co Author Listing * Driven to discussion: engaging drivers in conversation with a digital assistant as a countermeasure to passive task-related fatigue

Antronico, L.[Loredana] Co Author Listing * Procedure for the Quantitative Comparison of Rainfall and DInSAR-Based Surface Displacement Time Series in Slow-Moving Landslides: A Case Study in Southern Italy, A

Antropov, O.[Oleg] Co Author Listing * Boreal Forest Snow Damage Mapping Using Multi-Temporal Sentinel-1 Data
* Cropland Classification Using Sentinel-1 Time Series: Methodological Performance and Prediction Uncertainty Assessment
* Detection of Forest Windstorm Damages with Multitemporal SAR Data: A Case Study: Finland
* Evaluating Landfast Sea Ice Ridging near UtqiagVik Alaska Using TanDEM-X Interferometry
* Improved LSTM Model for Boreal Forest Height Mapping Using Sentinel-1 Time Series
* Interferometric SAR Coherence Models for Characterization of Hemiboreal Forests Using TanDEM-X Data
* Land Cover and Soil Type Mapping From Spaceborne PolSAR Data at L-Band With Probabilistic Neural Network
* LIDAR-Aided SAR Interferometry Studies in Boreal Forest: Scattering Phase Center and Extinction Coefficient at X- and L-Band
* Mid-Infrared Compressive Hyperspectral Imaging
* Polarimetric ALOS PALSAR Time Series in Mapping Biomass of Boreal Forests
* Sentinel-1 Time Series for Predicting Growing Stock Volume of Boreal Forest: Multitemporal Analysis and Feature Selection
* Study of Landfast Ice with Sentinel-1 Repeat-Pass Interferometry over the Baltic Sea, A
* Volume Scattering Modeling in PolSAR Decompositions: Study of ALOS PALSAR Data Over Boreal Forest
Includes: Antropov, O.[Oleg] Antropov, O.
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