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Anniballe, R. Co Author Listing * Triple Collocation to Assess Classification Accuracy Without a Ground Truth in Case of Earthquake Damage Assessment

Annich, A. Co Author Listing * Enhancement of 3D reconstruction process in terms of beautification and efficiency using geometric constraints

Annie, A.N. Co Author Listing * Who Moved My Cheese? Automatic Annotation of Rodent Behaviors with Convolutional Neural Networks

Annighofer, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Deriving Stand Structural Complexity from Airborne Laser Scanning Data: What Does It Tell Us about a Forest?
* Quantifying Understory Complexity in Unmanaged Forests Using TLS and Identifying Some of Its Major Drivers
* Response of Beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) Trees to Competition: New Insights from Using Fractal Analysis
* Spatial Patterns of Structural Complexity in Differently Managed and Unmanaged Beech-Dominated Forests in Central Europe
Includes: Annighofer, P.[Peter] Annighöfer, P.[Peter] (Maybe also Annighoefer, P.)

Anniwear, Y. Co Author Listing * On The Segmentation of Multi Font Printed Uygur Scripts

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