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Amakata, M.[Masazumi] Co Author Listing * Color-Base Damage Feature Enhanced Support Vector Classifier for Monitoring Quake Image
* Natural Disaster Classification Using Aerial Photography Explainable for Typhoon Damaged Feature
* Rain-code Fusion: Code-to-code Convlstm Forecasting Spatiotemporal Precipitation

Amakdouf, H. Co Author Listing * Development of a clinical decision support system for the early detection of COVID-19 using deep learning based on chest radiographic images
* Early detection of COVID19 by deep learning transfer Model for populations in isolated rural areas
* Efficient Localization And Reconstruction Of 3D Objects Using The New Hybrid Squire Moment
* Translation Scaling and rotation invariants of 3D Krawtchouk moments
Includes: Amakdouf, H. Amakdouf, H.[Hicham]

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