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Alnabhan, M. Co Author Listing * 2D visualization for object-oriented software systems

Alnaeb, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Micro-Doppler Estimation and Analysis of Slow Moving Objects in Forward Scattering Radar System

Alnaggar, Y.A.[Yara Ali] Co Author Listing * Multi Projection Fusion for Real-time Semantic Segmentation of 3D LiDAR Point Clouds

Alnajar, F.[Fares] Co Author Listing * Age estimation under changes in image quality: An experimental study
* Auto-Calibrated Gaze Estimation Using Human Gaze Patterns
* Calibration-Free Gaze Estimation Using Human Gaze Patterns
* Combining Facial Dynamics With Appearance for Age Estimation
* Expression-Invariant Age Estimation
* Expression-Invariant Age Estimation Using Structured Learning
* Learning-based encoding with soft assignment for age estimation under unconstrained imaging conditions
Includes: Alnajar, F.[Fares] Alnajar, F.
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Alnajjar, F. Co Author Listing * Lownet: Privacy Preserved Ultra-Low Resolution Posture Image Classification

Alnasrallah, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Impacts of Scale on Geographic Analysis of Health Data: An Example of Obesity Prevalence

Alnasser, M.[Mais] Co Author Listing * Image-Based Rendering of Synthetic Diffuse Objects in Natural Scenes
* Image-Based Simulation of Gaseous Material
* Phase-Shifting for Nonseparable 2-D Haar Wavelets
* Rendering Synthetic Objects in Natural Scenes
* Subpixel Alignment of MRI Data Under Cartesian and Log-Polar Sampling
Includes: Alnasser, M.[Mais] Alnasser, M.

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