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Adriaensen, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Correction Inter-Comparison Exercise
* Coastal Turbidity Derived From PROBA-V Global Vegetation Satellite
* Evaluation of PROBA-V Collection 1: Refined Radiometry, Geometry, and Cloud Screening
* iCOR Atmospheric Correction on Sentinel-3/OLCI over Land: Intercomparison with AERONET, RadCalNet, and SYN Level-2
* In-Orbit Radiometric Calibration and Stability Monitoring of the PROBA-V Instrument
* Rayleigh, Deep Convective Clouds, and Cross-Sensor Desert Vicarious Calibration Validation for the PROBA-V Mission
* Use of Moon Observations for Characterization of Sentinel-3B Ocean and Land Color Instrument
Includes: Adriaensen, S.[Stefan] Adriaensen, S.
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Adriaenssens, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Open transport data for maximising reuse in multimodal route planners: a study in Flanders

Adrian, B.[Basarab] Co Author Listing * Discrete wavelet for multifractal texture classification: Application to medical ultrasound imaging
* Handwriting Reconstruction for a Camera Pen Using Random Dot Patterns
* Seizing the Treasure: Transferring Knowledge in Invoice Analysis
Includes: Adrian, B.[Basarab] Adrian, B.[Benjamin]

Adrian, C.[Carl] Co Author Listing * Automatic Face Recognition from Skeletal Remains

Adrian, J.[Julien] Co Author Listing * Daily use of an electric vehicle: behavioural changes and potential for its support
* Sentinel SAR-optical fusion for crop type mapping using deep learning and Google Earth Engine
Includes: Adrian, J.[Julien] Adrian, J.[Jarrett]

Adrian, R.[Rita] Co Author Listing * New Automated Method to Develop Geometrically Corrected Time Series of Brightness Temperatures from Historical AVHRR LAC Data

Adrian, R.J.[Ronald J.] Co Author Listing * email: Adrian, R.J.[Ronald J.]: r-adrian AT uiuc edu
* Extracting 3D Vortices in Turbulent Fluid-Flow
* Salient Structure Analysis for Fluid Flow
* Scattering particle characteristics and their effect on pulsed laser measurements of fluid flow: speckle velocimetry vs particle image velocimetry
Includes: Adrian, R.J.[Ronald J.] Adrian, R.J.

Adriano, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * Breaking Limits of Remote Sensing by Deep Learning From Simulated Data for Flood and Debris-Flow Mapping
* Learning from multimodal and multitemporal earth observation data for building damage mapping
* Multi-Source Data Fusion Based on Ensemble Learning for Rapid Building Damage Mapping during the 2018 Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami in Palu, Indonesia
* New Insights into Multiclass Damage Classification of Tsunami-Induced Building Damage from SAR Images
* Novel Unsupervised Classification of Collapsed Buildings Using Satellite Imagery, Hazard Scenarios and Fragility Functions
* OpenEarthMap: A Benchmark Dataset for Global High-Resolution Land Cover Mapping
* Semiautomatic Pixel-Object Method for Detecting Landslides Using Multitemporal ALOS-2 Intensity Images, A
* Sequential SAR Coherence Method for the Monitoring of Buildings in Sarpole-Zahab, Iran
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Adrianto, H.A.[Hari A.] Co Author Listing * Forest and Land Fires Are Mainly Associated with Deforestation in Riau Province, Indonesia

Adriany, G. Co Author Listing * Comparison of 16-Channel Asymmetric Sleeve Antenna and Dipole Antenna Transceiver Arrays at 10.5 Tesla MRI

Adrienko, O. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Deep Architecture and Mini-batch Selection Method for Joint Traffic Sign and Light Detection, A

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