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Abhijith, P. Co Author Listing * From synthetic to natural: Single natural image dehazing deep networks using synthetic dataset domain randomization

Abhilash, R. Co Author Listing * Pose Invariant Generic Object Recognition with Orthogonal Axis Manifolds in Linear Subspace
* SnakeCut: An Integrated Approach Based on Active Contour and GrabCut for Automatic Foreground Object Segmentation

Abhishek Co Author Listing * Hybrid deep learning and machine learning approach for passive image forensic
* Multidecadal Land Water and Groundwater Drought Evaluation in Peninsular India
* Multivariate Drought Index for Seasonal Agriculture Drought Classification in Semiarid Regions, A
* Parzen Window Approximation on Riemannian Manifold
* Water Budget Closure in the Upper Chao Phraya River Basin, Thailand Using Multisource Data

Abhishek, A.[Anuj] Co Author Listing * Optimal Bayesian Estimator for Absorption Coefficient in Diffuse Optical Tomography, An

Abhishek, D. Co Author Listing * IR_URFS_VF: image recommendation with user relevance feedback session and visual features in vertical image search

Abhishek, K. Co Author Listing * Cloudmaskgan: A Content-Aware Unpaired Image-To-Image Translation Algorithm for Remote Sensing Imagery
* D-LEMA: Deep Learning Ensembles from Multiple Annotations - Application to Skin Lesion Segmentation
* Improving query expansion using pseudo-relevant web knowledge for information retrieval
* Kernelized Manifold Mapping to Diminish the Effect of Adversarial Perturbations, A
Includes: Abhishek, K. Abhishek, K.[Kumar]

Abhisheka, K.S. Co Author Listing * Non Homogeneous Realistic Single Image Dehazing

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