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9310 * *AIPR Workshop: Interdisciplinary Computer Vision: Applications and Changing Needs
* *Applications of Invariance in Computer Vision
* Active Exploration of Static Scenes
* Active Stereo: Integrating Disparity, Vergence, Focus, Aperture, and Calibration for Surface Estimation
* Active Vision for Reliable Ranging: Cooperating Focus, Stereo, and Vergence
* Approximate Method of Evaluating the Joint Likelihood for First-Order GMRFs, An
* Automatic signature verification
* CMU Very Fast Range-Imaging System
* Computer-Assisted Stereotaxic Neurosurgery
* Computing Reflectance Ratios from an Image
* Direct Gray-Scale Extraction of Features for Character Recognition
* Edge-Based 3-D Camera Motion Estimation with Application to Video Coding
* Effective Scale: A Natural Unit for Measuring Scale-Space Lifetime
* Elliptical Object Detection by Using Its Geometric Properties
* Face Recognition: Features versus Templates
* Fast Algorithm For Backprojection With Linear Interpolation, A
* Fast parallel constraint satisfaction
* Feature Detection via Linear Contrast Techniques
* Finding Contour-Based Abstractions of Planar Patterns
* Fingerprint Recognition in Low Quality Images
* Framework for Spatiotemporal Control in the Tracking of Visual Contours, A
* Hierarchical Decomposition and Axial Shape Description
* Image Representations via a Finite Radon Transformation
* Image Understanding Research for Automatic Target Recognition
* Local Surface Shape Estimation of 3-D Textured Surfaces Using Gaussian Markov Random Fields and Stereo
* Medical Image-Processing
* Method for automatic registration of digitized multi-plane images
* Methodology for the Representation, Indexing and Retrieval of Images by Content
* Model-Based Algorithm for Designing Suboptimal Morphological Filters for Restoring Subtractive-Noise-Corrupted Images, A
* Novel Approach For Coding Color Quantized Images, A
* On Functionals with Greyvalue-Controlled Smoothness Terms for Determining Optical Flow
* Optical Flow from Constraint Lines Parametrization
* Parallel Hypothesis Verification
* Parallel Vision Algorithms Using Sparse Array Representations
* Practical Computer Vision Using C
* Probabilistic Analysis of Regularization
* Promising Directions in Active Vision
* Real-Time Binocular Smooth-Pursuit
* Recognition and Inspection of Manufactured Parts Using Line Moments of Their Boundaries
* Recovering Scene Structures from Scattered Surface Points
* Role of Fixation in Visual-Motion Analysis, The
* School bus obstacle detection device
* Segmentation of Medical Images
* Sensor Array Processing Techniques for Super Resolution Multi-Line-Fitting And Straight Edge Detection
* Special Issue on Thinning Methodologies for Pattern Recognition
* Special Section on Fractals in Electrical Engineering
* Structure-Sensitive Adaptive Contrast Enhancement Methods and Their Evaluation
* Texture Analysis and Classification with Tree-Structured Wavelet Transform
* Three-Dimensional Iconic Environment for Image Database Querying, A
* Time-Frequency Distribution Inversion of the Radon Transform
* Vector Directional Filters: A New Class of Multichannel Image Processing Filters
* Vertex Directed Segmentation of Handwritten Numerals
* Wire-mesh generation from image data
* Workstation Environment for Image-Processing in Nuclear-Medicine
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