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8901 * ALVINN: An Autonomous Land Vehicle in a Neural Network
* Authenticating Edges Produced by Zero-Crossing Algorithms
* Comparison of the Efficiency of Deterministic and Stochastic Algorithms for Visual Reconstruction
* Computational Framework and an Algorithm for the Measurement of Visual Motion, A
* Computer Vision Research at the University of Massachusetts: Themes and Progress
* Conic B-Splines for Curve Fitting: A Unifying Approach
* Designing Vision Systems for Robotic Applications
* Detecting the Straightness of Digital Curves in O(n) Steps
* Discrete cosine transformer
* Edge Detection and Linear Feature Extraction Using a 2-D Random Field Model
* Fast Parallel Thinning Algorithms: Parallel Speed and Connectivity Preservation
* Fast Segmentation of Range Imagery into Planar Regions
* Framework for Estimation of Motion Parameters from Range Images, A
* Image orientation and animation using quaternions
* Image processing apparatus and processing method
* Image Understanding Architecture, The
* Large Sample Bias in Least Squares Estimation of a Circular Arc Center and Its Radius
* Multi-scale Region Detector, A
* Note on Graphics Editing of Curved Line Drawings, A
* Off-Line Cursive Script Word Recognition
* On a Constraint Equation for the Estimation of Displacement Rates in Image Sequences
* On the Detection of the Axes of Symmetry of Symmetric and Almost Symmetric Planar Images
* Pattern masking method and an apparatus therefor
* Pyramid processor for building large-area, high-resolution image by parts
* Relaxation Labeling Using Continuous Label Sets
* Schema System, The
* Segmenting Images Using Localized Histograms and Region Merging
* Shape averaging and its applications to industrial design
* Texture Boundary Detection Based on the Long Correlation Model
* Theorem to Determine the Spatial Containment of a Point in a Planar Polyhedron, A
* Threshold Decomposition of Gray-Scale Morphology into Binary Morphology
* Tree Searched Chain Coding for Subpixel Reconstruction of Planar Curves
* Zero Crossings on Lines of Curvature
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