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7100 * *Artificial Intelligence and Heuristic Programming
* *IEEE Trans. Systems, Man and Cybernetics
* Accommodating Edge Follower, An
* Algorithm for Finding Intrinsic Dimensionality of Data, An
* Analysis of Curved Line Drawings Using Context and Global Information
* Applications of Game Tree Searching Techniques to Sequential Pattern Recognition
* Automatic Detection of Vehicles in Aerial Photographs of Highways
* Computer Processing of Natural Scenes: Some Unsolved Problems
* Contextual Word Recognition Using Binary Digrams
* Edge Detection by Computer Using Planning
* Fingerprinting: A Manual of Identification
* Foundations of Cyclopean Perception
* Grid Coding: A Preprocessing Technique for Robot and Machine Vision
* Image Processing and Pattern Recognition System for Time Variant Images Using TV Cameras and a Matrix Computer, An
* Impossible Objects as Non-Sense Sentences
* Intelligent Robot with Cognition and Decision-Making Ability, An
* Isotonic Grammars, Parallel Grammars, and Picture Grammars
* Lightness and Retinex Theory
* Metric Affine Geometry
* Model for Functional Reasoning in Design, A
* Nonparametric Roughness Penalties for Preobability Densities
* Objective Criteria for the Evaluation of Clustering Methods
* On Seeing Things
* On the Uniform Convergence of Relative Frequencies of Events to Their Probabilities
* Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
* Phase Congruence Model for Edge Detection in Two-Dimensional Pictures: A Mathematical Study, The
* Picture Bandwidth Compression
* Picture Descriptions
* Relational Descriptions in Picture Processing
* Similarity Relations and Fuzzy Orderings
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