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6800 * Algol Procedure for the Fast Fourier Transform with Arbitrary Factors, Algorithm 339, An
* Algol Procedures for the Fast Fourier Transform, Algorithm 338
* Algorithm for Piecewise Straight Line Approximations
* Automatic Scanning and Computer Processes for the Quantitative Analysis of Micrographs and Equivalent Subjects
* Autonomous Reading Machine, An
* Character Readers and Pattern Recognition
* Computer with Hands, Eyes, and Ears, A
* Experiments in the Recognition of Handprinted Text: Part I Character Recognition
* Fractal Geometry of Nature, The
* Linguistic Methods in Picture Processing: A Survey
* Procedure for Detecting Intersections of Three-Dimensional Objects, A
* Processing Visual Data with an Automaton Eye
* Regularization Method
* Shape Recognition, Prairie Fires, Convex Deficiencies and Skeletons
* Upper and Lower Probabilities Generalized by a Random Closed Interval
* What Gives Rise to the Perception of Motion?
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