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6500 * *Optical and Electro-Optical Info. Proc.
* Algorithm for Linear Inequalities and its Applications, An
* Character-Reading by Optical Spatial Filtering
* Cluster Analysis of Multivariate Data: Efficiency vs. Interpretability of Classification
* Fuzzy Sets
* Machine Perception of 3-D Solids
* Machine Recognition of Hand Printing
* Man-Machine Facial Recognition System: Some Preliminary Results, A
* Maximum Matching and a Polyhedron with (0, 1) Vertices
* Nonparametric Estimate of a Multivariate Density Function, A
* Optical Texture and Linear Perspective as Stimuli for Slant Perception
* Optimal Reconstruction of Information Content Inherent in Pictures bu Means of Television Scanning Procedures
* Research in Picture Processing
* Statistical Independence and Threshold Functions
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