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WDV05 * *Workshop on Dynamical Vision

WDV06 * *Workshop on Dynamical Vision
* Articulated Motion Segmentation Using RANSAC with Priors
* Articulated-Body Tracking Through Anisotropic Edge Detection
* Batch Algorithm for Implicit Non-rigid Shape and Motion Recovery, A
* Bayesian Tracking with Auxiliary Discrete Processes. Application to Detection and Tracking of Objects with Occlusions
* Direct Segmentation of Multiple 2-D Motion Models of Different Types
* Dynamic Texture Recognition Using Volume Local Binary Patterns
* Estimating the Pose of a 3D Sensor in a Non-rigid Environment
* Force/Vision Based Active Damping Control of Contact Transition in Dynamic Environments
* Homeomorphic Manifold Analysis: Learning Decomposable Generative Models for Human Motion Analysis
* Motion Segmentation Using an Occlusion Detector
* Nonparametric Estimation of Multiple Structures with Outliers
* Online Video Registration of Dynamic Scenes Using Frame Prediction
* Probabilistic Framework for Correspondence and Egomotion, A
* Rao-Blackwellized Parts-Constellation Tracker, A
* Real-Time Tracking with Classifiers
* Recursive Structure from Motion Using Hybrid Matching Constraints with Error Feedback
* Robust 3D Segmentation of Multiple Moving Objects Under Weak Perspective
* Segmentation and Guidance of Multiple Rigid Objects for Intra-operative Endoscopic Vision
* Segmenting Dynamic Textures with Ising Descriptors, ARX Models and Level Sets
* Space of Multibody Fundamental Matrices: Rank, Geometry and Projection, The
* Spatial Segmentation of Temporal Texture Using Mixture Linear Models
* Tracking of Multiple Objects Using Optical Flow Based Multiscale Elastic Matching
* Using a Connected Filter for Structure Estimation in Perspective Systems
* View-Invariant Modeling and Recognition of Human Actions Using Grammars
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WDV07 * *Workshop on Dynamical Vision

WDV09 * *Workshop on Dynamical Vision
* Combining spatial and temporal priors for articulated human tracking with online learning
* iterative scheme for motion-based scene segmentation, An
* Kernel Spectral Curvature Clustering (KSCC)
* Motion segmentation by SCC on the hopkins 155 database
* Motion segmentation with occlusions on the superpixel graph
* Provably convergent on-line structure and motion estimation for perspective systems
* stochastic dynamical system for optical flow estimation, A
* vision-based approach for high accuracy assessment of satellite attitude, A
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