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VCG( Vol No. ) * *IEEE Trans. on Visualization and Computer Graphics

VCG(1) * Exploiting Triangulated Surface Extraction Using Tetrahedral Decomposition
* Octree-R: An Adaptive Octree for Efficient Ray-Tracing

VCG(12) * Expressive Facial Animation Synthesis by Learning Speech Coarticulation and Expression Spaces

VCG(14) * 3D Modeling of Optically Challenging Objects

VCG(15) * Photorealistic Large-Scale Urban City Model Reconstruction

VCG(16) * Active Shape Modeling with Electric Flows
* Example-Based Human Motion Denoising
* Guest Editor's Introduction: Special Section on the Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (I3D)
* Parallel View-Dependent Level-of-Detail Control

VCG(2) * Algorithm for the Medial Axis Transform of 3D Polyhedral Solids, An
* Shape-Description by Medial Surface Construction

VCG(21) * Instant Outdoor Localization and SLAM Initialization from 2.5D Maps

VCG(25) * ReconViguRation: Reconfiguring Physical Keyboards in Virtual Reality

VCG(3) * Converting Discrete Images to Partitioning Trees
* Dynamic Free Form Deformations for Animation Synthesis
* Scattered Data Interpolation with Multilevel B-Splines

VCG(4) * Calibration Free Augmented Reality

VCG(5) * Ball-Pivoting Algoritm for Surface Reconstruction, The

VCG(6) * Compressed progressive meshes
* Interactive Virtual Relighting of Real Scenes

VCG(8) * Three-Dimensional interfaces for querying by example in content-based image retrieval

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