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UMass * *FDDB: Face Detection Data Set and Benchmark
* *University of Massachusetts
* 3D Localization of Multiple Moving People by a Omnidirectional Stereo System of Cooperative Mobile Robots
* 3D Model Acquisition from Monocular Image Sequences
* 3D Reconstruction under Varying Constraints of Camera Geometry for Robotic Navigation
* Active Testing Model for Tracking Roads in Satellite Images, An
* Applying Multiframe Reconstruction to Pose Estimation
* Automatic Calibration and Visual Servoing for a Robot Navigation System
* Automatic Calibration for a Robot Navigation System
* Automatic Geo-Correction of Video Mosaics for Environmental Monitoring
* Extracting Salient Image Features Using Outlier Detection Techniques
* Extracting Text From Greyscale Images
* Fast Construction of Dynamic and Multi-Resolution 360-degree Panorama
* Fast, Background-Independent Retrieval Strategy for Color Image Databases, A
* Finding Text In Images
* Geometrical Modeling and Real-Time Vision Applications of a Panoramic Annular Lens (PAL) Camera System
* Indexing Handwriting Using Word Matching
* Labeled faces in the wild: A database for studying face recognition in unconstrained environments
* Landmark-Based Navigation-Model Extension and Refinement
* Learning Object Recognition Strategies
* Learning Visual Recognition With Bayesian Networks
* Local Search Algorithms for Geometric Object Recognition: Finding the Optimal Correspondence and Pose
* Matching 2D Images to Multiple 3D Objects Using View Description Networks
* Practical Obstacle Detection and Avoidance System, A
* Qualitative Obstacle Detection
* Region Growing in Textured Outdoor Scenes
* Space-Sweep Approach to True Multi-Image Matching, A
* Stealth Navigation: Planning and Behaviors
* Terms of Error Convariance Matrices and Their Effect on MFSFM, The
* TextFinder
* Theory and Practice in Making Seamless Stereo Mosaics from Airborne Video
* Trackability as a Cue for Potential Obstacle Identification and 3-D Description
* Word Spotting
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