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TC(30) * Comments on Algorithms for Reporting and Counting Geometric Intersections
* PASM: A Partitionable SIMD/MIMD System for Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

TC(31) * Computing Point Enclosures
* Design and Architectural Implications of a Spatial Information System
* Fast Algorithms for the 2D Discrete Cosine Transform
* On K-Nearest Neighbor Voronoi Diagrams in the Plane
* Optimal Illumination Region Algorithm for Convex Polygons, An
* Parallel Processing Approaches to Image Correlation
* PUMPS Architecture for Pattern Analysis and Image Database Management
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TC(32) * Dynamic Time Warp Pattern Matching Using an Integrated Multiprocessor Array
* Measurement of Performance on a Highly Parallel System, The
* Optimal Algorithms for the Intersection and the Minimum Distance Problems Between Planar Polygons
* Spatial Planning: A Configuration Space Approach

TC(33) * Computational Geometry: A Survey
* Finding Rectangle Intersections by Divide-and-Conquer
* Parallelism and Array Processing
* Pipeline and Parallel-Pipeline FFT Processors for VLSI Implementations
* Serial/Parallel Convolvers
* Special Issue On Parallel Processing

TC(34) * Complete Binary Spanning Trees of the Eight Nearest Neighbor Array
* Correlation of Adjacent Pixels for Multiple Image Registration
* Gracefully Degradable Processor Arrays
* On Symmetry Detection
* On the Structure of the Homogeneous Multiprocessors
* Parallel Computer Architectures and Problem Solving Strategies for the Consistent Labeling Problem
* Semisystolic Array Implementation of Circular, Skew Circular, and Linear Convolutions
* Synchronizing Large VLSI Processor Arrays
* Systolic Sorting on a Mesh-Connected Network
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TC(35) * Designing Systolic Algorithms Using Sequential Machines
* Efficient Memory System for Image Processing, An
* Group Properties of Cellular Automata and VLSI Applications
* Multigrid Algorithms on the Hypercube Multiprocessor
* Representation of Uncertainty in Computer Vision Using Fuzzy Sets
* Systolic Algorithms for Local Operations on Images
* VLSI Solution to the Vertical Segment Visibility Problem, A
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TC(36) * Special Issue on Parallel and Distributed Computing
* Warp Computer: Architecture, Implementation and Performance, The

TC(37) * Simulating Essential Pyramids

TC(38) * Fast and Flexible Thinning Algorithm, A

TC(39) * Algorithms for Image Component Labeling on SIMD Mesh-Connected Computers

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