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RBCV-TR * *University of Toronto
* Active Object Recognition
* Active vs. Passive Visual Search: Which Is More Efficient?
* Analyzing Vision at the Complexity Level: Constraints on an Architecture, An Explanation for Visual Search Performance, and Computational Justification for Attentive Processes
* Cascaded Filter Approach to the Construction of Velocity Selective Mechanisms, A
* Complexity of Perceptual Search Tasks, The
* Computation of Normal Velocity from Local Phase Information
* Computing Motion and Structure from Noisy, Time-Varying Image Velocity Information
* Descriptors for Textures
* Determining Surface Orientation from Specular Highlights
* Early Processing of Spatio-Temporal Visual Information, The
* Effects of Ambient Illumination on the Structure of Shadows in Chromatic Images, The
* Hierarchial Construction of Orientation and Velocity Selective Filters
* Linear Subspace Methods for Recovering Translation Direction
* Logic of Depiction, The
* Mixture Models for Optical Flow Computation
* Model-Driven Object Recognition: Complexity Issues
* Neural Network Operated Vision-Guided Mobile Robot Arm for Docking and Reaching, A
* Phase-Based Disparity Measurement
* Representational Axes and Temporal Cooperative Processes
* Robot Pose Estimation in Unknown Environments by Matching 2D Range Scans
* Sensor Planning in 3D Object Search
* Some Problems with Correspondence
* Spatio-Temporal Model for Early Visual Processing, A
* Stereopsis of Time-Varying Images, The
* Subspace Methods for Recovering Rigid Motion I: Algorithms and Implementation
* Subspace Methods for Recovering Rigid Motion, Part II: Theory
* Survey of Approaches for Determining Optic Flow, Environmental Layout and Egomotion, A
* Survey on Color: Aspects of Perception and Computation
* Techniques for Disparity Measurement
* Use of Color in Computational Vision, The
* Visual Stereoscopic Computation
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