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PRRS16 * *IAPR Workshop on Pattern Recogniton in Remote Sensing
* 4D change detection based on persistent scatterer interferometry
* comprehensive study on object proposals methods for vehicle detection in aerial images, A
* Deep learning for ocean remote sensing: an application of convolutional neural networks for super-resolution on satellite-derived SST data
* Discriminative archetypal self-taught learning for multispectral landcover classification
* Evaluating imaging quality of the offner hyperspectrometer
* Fast extraction of dominant planes in MLS-data of urban areas
* Improving semantic orthophotos by a fast method based on harmonic inpainting
* Point cloud registration by combining shape and intensity contexts
* Reflectance-based 3D shape refinement of surfaces with spatially varying BRDF properties
* River sediment yield classification using remote sensing imagery
* Robust alignment for UAV images based on adaptive adjustment
* Segmentation of 3D outdoor scenes using hierarchical clustering structure and perceptual grouping laws
* Semisupervised classification of hyperspectral remote sensing images with spatial majority voting
* Towards vegetation species discrimination by using data-driven descriptors
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