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PanoPhot05 * *Panoramic Photogrammetry Workshop
* 3D-Modelling and Visualisation of Combined 3D-Scans and Panoramic Imagery with Depth Data
* Advanced 3D Visualization of an Architectural Object in the OpenGL Standard
* Approaches for 3D Visualization of High Resolution Multi-Sensor Data
* Calibration Procedure for a 360x360 Mosaic Camera
* Combined Bundle Adjustment of Panoramic and Central Perspective Images
* Combining Full Spherical Depth and HDR Images to Implement a Virtual Camera
* Creation and Scene Composition for High-Resolution Panoramas
* Data Acquisition for Cultural Heritage Navigation: Integration of Panoramic Imaging, Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Anaglyphs
* Distance-Value-Added Panoramic Images as the Base Data Model For 3D-GIS
* Estimation of Interior Orientation and Eccentricity Parameters of a Hybrid Imaging and Laser Scanning Sensor
* First Experiences with Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Indoor Cultural Heritage Applications Using Two Different Scanning Systems
* Geometric Modelling and Calibration of Fisheye Lens Camera Systems
* High-Resolution Image Rectification and Mosaicing: A Comparison between Panorama Camera and Digital Camera
* Laser Scanning and Its Potential to Support 3D Panoramic Recording
* Marker-Free Automatic Matching Of Range Data
* New Calibration Scheme For Panoramic Line Scanner
* On Calibration, Structure-From-Motion and Multi-View Geometry for General Camera Models
* Panoramic Camera Calibration Using 3D Straight Lines
* Panoramic Camera for Low Light Level Applications
* Panoramic Scenes for Texture Mapping of 3D City Models
* Representation, Coding and Interactive Rendering of High-Resolution Panoramic Images and Video Using MPEG-4
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