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MCV22 * *Medical Computer Vision
* Anatomy-aware Contrastive Representation Learning for Fetal Ultrasound
* Beyond Local Processing: Adapting CNNs for CT Reconstruction
* Bounded Future Ms-tcn++ for Surgical Gesture Recognition
* CL-GAN: Contrastive Learning-based Generative Adversarial Network for Modality Transfer with Limited Paired Data
* Complementary Phase Encoding for Pair-wise Neural Deblurring of Accelerated Brain MRI
* Contour Dice Loss for Structures with Fuzzy and Complex Boundaries in Fetal MRI
* Data-efficient Deep Learning Framework for Segmentation and Classification of Histopathology Images, A
* Deep-aspects: A Segmentation-assisted Model for Stroke Severity Measurement
* Estimating Withdrawal Time in Colonoscopies
* Exswin-unet: An Unbalanced Weighted Unet with Shifted Window and External Attentions for Fetal Brain MRI Image Segmentation
* Frequency Dropout: Feature-level Regularization via Randomized Filtering
* Impash: A Novel Domain-shift Resistant Representation for Colorectal Cancer Tissue Classification
* Joint Calibrationless Reconstruction and Segmentation of Parallel MRI
* Multi-scale Multi-task Distillation for Incremental 3d Medical Image Segmentation
* Neural Registration and Segmentation of White Matter Tracts in Multi-modal Brain MRI
* Patient-level Microsatellite Stability Assessment from Whole Slide Images by Combining Momentum Contrast Learning and Group Patch Embeddings
* Pvbm: A Python Vasculature Biomarker Toolbox Based on Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation
* qdwi-morph: Motion-compensated Quantitative Diffusion-weighted MRI Analysis for Fetal Lung Maturity Assessment
* Relax: Retinal Layer Attribution for Guided Explanations of Automated Optical Coherence Tomography Classification
* Rvenet: A Large Echocardiographic Dataset for the Deep Learning-based Assessment of Right Ventricular Function
* Segmenting Glandular Biopsy Images Using the Separate Merged Objects Algorithm
* Self-attention Capsule Network for Tissue Classification in Case of Challenging Medical Image Statistics
* Simultaneous Detection and Classification of Partially and Weakly Supervised Cells
* Surgical Workflow Recognition: From Analysis of Challenges to Architectural Study
* Swin-unet: Unet-like Pure Transformer for Medical Image Segmentation
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