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GeoAdvances17 * *IbISPRS Workshop on Multi-dimensional and Multi-scale Spatial Data Modeling
* 3d Modeling of A Bazaar in Ancient Harran City Using Laser Scanning Technique
* Algorithm to Detect the Retinal Region of Interest, An
* Application of Multivariate Statistical Analysis to Biomarkers In Se-turkey Crude Oils
* Approach for Calculating Land Valuation By Using Inspire Data Models, An
* Bridge Surface Damage Detection Application with A Laser-based Software Prototype
* Cloud GIS Based Watershed Management
* Determination of the Actual Land Use Pattern Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles And Multispectral Camera
* DTM Generation with UAV Based Photogrammetric Point Cloud
* Estimating Crop Cover Fraction From Digital Color Images
* Estimation of Population Number Via Light Activities On Night-time Satellite Images
* Extraction of Greenhouse Areas with Image Processing Methods in Karabuk Province
* Generation And Assessment of High Resolution Digital Surface Model By Using Unmanned Air Vehicle Based Multicopter
* Geographical Assesment of Results From Preventing the Parameter Tampering in A Web Application
* Heritage House Maintenance Using 3D City Model Application Domain Extension Approach
* Investigation of Spatial Data with Open Source Social Network Analysis And Geographic Information Systems Applications
* Mapping Infected Area After A Flash-flooding Storm Using Multi Criteria Analysis And Spectral Indices
* Methodology to Adapt Photogrammetric Models to Virtual Reality For Oculus Gear VR, A
* Modelling Single Tree Structure with Terrestrial Laser Scanner
* Monitoring And Estimation of Soil Losses From Ephemeral Gully Erosion In Mediterranean Region Using Low Altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
* New Master Plan for Harran University Based On Geodesign, A
* Pansharpening of Rasat And GÖktÜrk-2 Images Via High Pass Filter
* Pixel-based Classification Analysis of Land Use Land Cover Using Sentinel-2 And Landsat-8 Data
* Pre-processes for Urban Areas Detection in Sar Images
* ROI Detection and Vessel Segmentation in Retinal Image
* Trusted Data Communication And Security Issues in GNSS Network Of Turkey
* Using Affordable Data Capturing Devices for Automatic 3D City Modelling
* Using Ready-to-use Drone Images in Forestry Activities: Case Study Of Çinarpinar in Kahramanmaras, Turkey
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