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DIAL04 * *Document Image Analysis for Libraries
* Automatic indexing and reformulation of ancient dictionaries
* Citation recognition for scientific publications in digital libraries
* Classification of Hebrew Calligraphic Handwriting Styles: Preliminary Results
* commercial Web based digital library for sharing and distributing documents, A
* Construction of handwriting databases using transcript-based mapping
* Creating digital libraries: content generation and re-mastering
* Difficult and urgent open problems in document image analysis for libraries
* Digital mountain: from granite archive to global access
* Digitalizing scheme of handwritten Hanja historical documents
* Document digitization technology and its application for digital library in China
* Document image analysis for World War II personal records
* Document images analysis solutions for digital libraries
* Document style census for OCR
* dynamic feature generation system for automated metadata extraction in preservation of digital materials, A
* Fast handwriting recognition for indexing historical documents
* Fast registration of tabular document images using the Fourier-Mellin transform
* Forensic handwritten document retrieval system
* Gabor filter based block energy analysis for text extraction from digital document images
* general system for the retrieval of document images from digital libraries, A
* Holistic word recognition for handwritten historical documents
* Line separation for complex document images using fuzzy runlength
* Machine learning methods for automatically processing historical documents: from paper acquisition to XML transformation
* Making handwritten archives documents accessible to public with a generic system of document image analysis
* Managing Document Images in a Digital Library: An Ontology Guided Approach
* Promises and challenges of digital libraries and document image analysis: a humanist's perspective
* Retrieving imaged documents in digital libraries based on word image coding
* Text alignment with handwritten documents
* Tools for enabling digital access to multi-lingual Indic documents
* Xed: a new tool for extracting hidden structures from electronic documents
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DIAL06 * *Document Image Analysis for Libraries
* AGORA: the Interactive Document Image Analysis Tool of the BVH Project
* Automatic Content-based Indexing of Digital Documents through Intelligent Processing Techniques
* Case of the Digitized Works at a National Digital Library, The
* Character templates learning for textual images recognition as an example of learning in structural recognition
* Combining a hybrid Approach for Features Selection and Hidden Markov Models in Multifont Arabic Characters Recognition
* Complex Handwritten Page Segmentation Using Contextual Models
* Computer assistance for Digital Libraries: Contributions to Middle-ages and Authors' Manuscripts exploitation and enrichment
* Dedicated Texture Based Tools for Characterisation of Old Books
* Design and Comparison of Segmentation Driven and Recognition Driven Devanagari OCR
* Detection and Segmentation of Table of Contents and Index Pages from Document Images
* DIAL 2004 Working Group Report on Acquisition Quality Control
* Digital Bleaching and Content Extraction for the Digital Archive of Rare Books
* Distance Measures for Layout-Based Document Image Retrieval
* Document Image Retrieval using Signatures as Queries
* Experimental Performance Study of a User Intensive and Large-scale Digital Library Framework
* Exploring the Use of Conditional Random Field Models and HMMs for Historical Handwritten Document Recognition
* Image Analysis for Palaeography Inspection
* Image Inpainting Approach Based on the Poisson Equation, An
* Image Interpolation using Mathematical Morphology
* Improving OCR Text Categorization Accuracy with Electronic Abstracts
* Improving the Quality of Degraded Document Images
* Ink recognition based on statistical classification methods
* Interactive Document Processing and Digital Libraries
* Multi-Queue Merging Scheme And Its Application in Arabic Script Segmentation
* Multilingual document recognition research and its application in China
* novel technique for the watermarking of symbolically compressed documents, A
* OCR Voting Methods for Recognizing Low Contrast Printed Documents
* On defining signatures for the retrieval and the classification of graphical drop caps
* Performance Evaluation of a Mathematical Formula Recognition System with a large scale of printed formula images
* Persee: Addressing the Needs of the Digitalisation and Online Accessibility of Back Collections through Robust and Integrated Tools
* Quality Assurance in High Volume Document Digitization: A Survey
* Querying for silhouettes by qualitative feature schemes
* Refinement of digitized documents through recognition of mathematical formulae
* Separating Lines of Text in Free-Form Handwritten Historical Documents
* Text Line Extraction in Handwritten Document with Kalman Filter Applied on Low Resolution Image
* Towards Restoring Historic Documents Degraded Over Time
* Tree clustering for layout-based document image retrieval
* Use of Figures in Literature Mining for Biomedical Digital Libraries
* User centered image management system for digital libraries
* What can we learn from the processing of 165,000 forms from the 19th century?
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