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DACO08 * Adaptively Merging Large-Scale Range Data with Reflectance Properties
* Classification of Bayon Faces
* Climbing Sensor: 3D Modeling of Narrow Areas by Using Space-Time Analysis, The
* Color Constancy through Inverse-Intensity Chromaticity Space
* Consistent Surface Color for Texturing Large Objects in Outdoor Scenes
* Creating Photorealistic Virtual Model with Polarization-based Vision System
* Digital Restoration of the Nara Great Buddha
* Digitally Archiving Cultural Objects
* Editing, Retrieval, and Display System of Archeological Information on Large 3D Geometric Models
* Fast Simultaneous Alignment of Multiple Range Images, A
* Hole Filling of 3D Model by Flipping Signs of Signed Distance Field in Adaptive Resolution
* Illumination Simulation for Archaeological Investigation
* Inverse Polarization Raytracing: Estimating Surface Shapes of Transparent Objects
* Iterative Refinement of Range Images with Anisotropic Error Distribution
* Parallel Alignment of a Large Number of Range Images
* Parallel Processing of Range Data Merging
* Robust Simultaneous Registration of Multiple Range Images
* Separating Illumination and Surface Spectral from Multiple Color Signals
* Separating Reflection Components of Textured Surfaces Using a Single Image
* Shape Rectification of 3D Data Obtained by a Moving Range Sensor by using Image Sequences
* Simultaneous Determination of Registration and Deformation Parameters among 3D Range Images
* Simultaneous Registration of 2D Images onto 3D Models for Texture Mapping
* Virtual Asukakyo: Real-time Soft Shadows in Mixed Reality using Shadowing Planes
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