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CVMeta22 * *Computer Vision for Metaverse
* Avatargen: A 3d Generative Model for Animatable Human Avatars
* Implicit Map Augmentation for Relocalization
* INGeo: Accelerating Instant Neural Scene Reconstruction with Noisy Geometry Priors
* Initialization and Alignment for Adversarial Texture Optimization
* LWA-Hand: Lightweight Attention Hand for Interacting Hand Reconstruction
* Neural Mesh-based Graphics
* Number-Adaptive Prototype Learning for 3D Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation
* One-shot Learning for Human Affordance Detection
* Photo-realistic 360 Head Avatars in the Wild
* Racial Bias in the Beautyverse: Evaluation of Augmented-Reality Beauty Filters
* Self-supervised 3d Human Pose Estimation in Static Video via Neural Rendering
* Signet: Intrinsic Image Decomposition by a Semantic and Invariant Gradient Driven Network for Indoor Scenes
* Social Processes: Self-supervised Meta-learning Over Conversational Groups for Forecasting Nonverbal Social Cues
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