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CogNeuro( Vol No. ) * *Journal Cognitive Neuroscience

CogNeuro(3) * Deformable Templates for Face Recognition
* Eigenfaces for Recognition

Cognition(18) * Parts of Recognition
* Visual Routines

Cognition(32) * Approach to Object Recogniton: Aligning Pictorial Descriptions, An

Cognition14 * *Vision Meets Cognition
* Leveraging Cognitive Context for Object Recognition
* Robust Pose Features for Action Recognition
* Semantic Visual Understanding of Indoor Environments: From Structures to Opportunities for Action
* Subject Adaptive Affection Recognition via Sparse Reconstruction
* Understanding Effects of Cognitive Load from Pupillary Responses Using Hilbert Analytic Phase

Cognition15 * *Vision Meets Cognition Workshop: Functionality, Physics, Intentionality and Causality
* 3D human motion capture from monocular image sequences
* Action classification in still images using human eye movements
* Multinomial processing models in visual cognitive effort diagnostics
* Semantically-enriched 3D models for common-sense knowledge

Cognition17 * *Vision Meets Cognition
* AcFR: Active Face Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Attention-Based Natural Language Person Retrieval
* Automated Layout Synthesis and Visualization from Images of Interior or Exterior Spaces
* Inferring Hidden Statuses and Actions in Video by Causal Reasoning
* Joint 3D Human Motion Capture and Physical Analysis from Monocular Videos
* Role of Synchronic Causal Conditions in Visual Knowledge Learning, The
* What Will I Do Next? The Intention from Motion Experiment
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Cognitive18 * *Mutual Benefits of Cognitive and Computer Vision: How Can We Use One to Understand the Other?
* Assessing Shape Bias Property of Convolutional Neural Networks
* Audio-Visual Temporal Saliency Modeling Validated by fMRI Data
* Deep-BCN: Deep Networks Meet Biased Competition to Create a Brain-Inspired Model of Attention Control
* Estimating Attention of Faces Due to its Growing Level of Emotions
* Fusing Visual Saliency for Material Recognition
* Image Caption Generation with Hierarchical Contextual Visual Spatial Attention
* Increasing Video Saliency Model Generalizability by Training for Smooth Pursuit Prediction
* Learning Biomimetic Perception for Human Sensorimotor Control
* Priming Neural Networks
* Relating Deep Neural Network Representations to EEG-fMRI Spatiotemporal Dynamics in a Perceptual Decision-Making Task
* Representation of Categories in Filters of Deep Neural Networks
* Scene Grammar in Human and Machine Recognition of Objects and Scenes
* Totally Looks Like: How Humans Compare, Compared to Machines
* Using Psychophysical Methods to Understand Mechanisms of Face Identification in a Deep Neural Network
* ViS-HuD: Using Visual Saliency to Improve Human Detection with Convolutional Neural Networks
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