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CAMP00 * *Workshop on Computer Architectures for Machine Perception
* Active Computer Vision System

CAMP93 * *Workshop on Computer Architectures for Machine Perception
* Implementation and Performance of Fast Parallel Multi-Baseline Stereo Vision
* Massively Parallel Road Follower, A
* Optical Flow Estimation on the Connection-Machine CM-2
* Parallel Algorithm for Graph Matching and Its MASPAR Implementation, A
* SIMD-MIMD Architecture for Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, An
* Smart Buffer for Tracking Using Motion Data, A
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CAMP95 * *Workshop on Computer Architectures for Machine Perception
* Design, Implementation, and Performance of a Scalable Multi-Camera Interactive Video Capture System
* Fast Asynchronous Algorithm for Linear Feature Extraction on IBM SP-2, A
* Human-Computer Interaction Based on Eye Movement Tracking
* Low Level Segmentation Using CMOS Smart Hexagonal Image Sensor
* Object Parts Matching Using Hopfield Neural Networks
* Obstacle Avoidance and Visually-Induced Navigation
* Parallel Algorithm for 2D and 3D Object Recogniton and Its Implementation on a MIMD Machine, A
* Real-Time Quantized Optical Flow
* Real-Time Visual Inspection of Moulded Plastics Drippers
* Satellite Digital Elevation Model on the Heterogeneous OPENVISION Parallel Computer
* Towards Real-Time Stereo Employing Parallel Algorithms for Edge-Based and Dense Stereo Matching
* Video-rate Pyramid Optical Flow Computations on the Linear SIMD Array IVP
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CAMP97 * *Workshop on Computer Architectures for Machine Perception
* DARPA Image Understanding Motion Benchmark, The
* Fast Parallel Algorithm for Stereovision, A
* Hough Transform Implementation on a Reconfigurable Highly Parallel CAM Architecture
* Interactive Tool for Computer Vision Tutorials, An
* Page Segmentation Using a Pyramidal Architecture
* Parallel Object Recognition on an FPGA-based Configurable Computing Platform
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