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Zolfaghari Bengar, J. Co Author Listing * Temporal Coherence for Active Learning in Videos

Zolfaghari, B.[Behrouz] Co Author Listing * Content Delivery Networks: State of the Art, Trends, and Future Roadmap

Zolfaghari, K.[Kiana] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Water Quality Parameters in Lake Erie from MERIS Using Linear Mixed Effect Models

Zolfaghari, M.[Mohammadreza] Co Author Listing * 3D human pose estimation from image using couple sparse coding
* Chained Multi-stream Networks Exploiting Pose, Motion, and Appearance for Action Classification and Detection
* CrossCLR: Cross-modal Contrastive Learning For Multi-modal Video Representations
* ECO: Efficient Convolutional Network for Online Video Understanding
* Metric learning for graph based semi-supervised human pose estimation
* Real-time object tracking based on an adaptive transition model and extended Kalman filter to handle full occlusion
* Temporal Shift GAN for Large Scale Video Generation
Includes: Zolfaghari, M.[Mohammadreza] Zolfaghari, M. Zolfaghari, M.[Mohammad]
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Zolfaghari, R. Co Author Listing * Creating the Sydney York Morphological and Acoustic Recordings of Ears Database
* Cross-Modal Visual Question Answering for Remote Sensing Data: the International Conference on Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (DICTA 2021)
Includes: Zolfaghari, R. Zolfaghari, R.[Reza]

Zolfagharnasab, H.[Hooshiar] Co Author Listing * Fitting of Breast Data Using Free Form Deformation Technique
* Geometry-Based Skin Colour Estimation for Bare Torso Surface Reconstruction
* Multi-modal Complete Breast Segmentation
* Prediction of Breast Deformities: A Step Forward for Planning Aesthetic Results After Breast Surgery

Zolfi, A.[Alon] Co Author Listing * Phantom Sponges: Exploiting Non-Maximum Suppression to Attack Deep Object Detectors
* Translucent Patch: A Physical and Universal Attack on Object Detectors, The

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