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Zafar, A. Co Author Listing * Efficient Context-Aware Lossy Image Compression
* Suboptimal Scheme for Multi-User Scheduling in Gaussian Broadcast Channels, A
* Throughput of Infrastructure-Based Cooperative Vehicular Networks

Zafar, B.[Basim] Co Author Listing * Right of way
* Velocity-based modeling of physical interactions in dense crowds
* Virtual Tawaf: A case study in simulating the behavior of dense, heterogeneous crowds

Zafar, I. Co Author Listing * Real-time automatic license plate recognition for CCTV forensic applications

Zafar, M.A. Co Author Listing * Gaming Away Stress: Using Biofeedback Games to Learn Paced Breathing

Zafar, N.B.[Nafees Bin] Co Author Listing * Don't Trust Your Eyes: Cutting-Edge Visual Effects

Zafar, S. Co Author Listing * Motion-compensated wavelet transform coding for color video compression
* Statistical characterization and block-based modeling of motion-adaptive coded video
* VISTA: achieving cumulative VIsion through energy efficient Silhouette recognition of mobile Targets through collAboration of visual sensor nodes
Includes: Zafar, S. Zafar, S.[Saima]

Zafar, Z.[Zuhair] Co Author Listing * Pain Intensity Evaluation through Facial Action Units

Zafari, A.[Azar] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Performance of a Random Forest Kernel for Land Cover Classification

Zafari, S.[Sahar] Co Author Listing * Automated Segmentation of Nanoparticles in BF TEM Images by U-Net Binarization and Branch and Bound
* Comparison of Concave Point Detection Methods for Overlapping Convex Objects Segmentation
* Segmentation of Overlapping Elliptical Objects in Silhouette Images
* Segmentation of Partially Overlapping Convex Objects Using Branch and Bound Algorithm
* Segmentation of Partially Overlapping Nanoparticles Using Concave Points

Zafarifar, B.[Bahman] Co Author Listing * Blue Sky Detection for Picture Quality Enhancement
* Grass Detection for Picture Quality Enhancement of TV Video

Zafaruddin, S.M. Co Author Listing * GMRES Algorithm for Large-Scale Vectoring in DSL Systems
* Performance Analysis of Zero Forcing Crosstalk Canceler in Vectored VDSL2

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