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Yogesan, K. Co Author Listing * Fractal dimension, only a fraction of the truth?
* Texture Analysis of Retinal Images to Determine Nerve Fibre Loss
Includes: Yogesan, K. Yogesan, K.[Kanagasingam]

Yogesh, T. Co Author Listing * Computer-aided diagnosis of retinal diseases using multidomain feature fusion

Yogeswaran, A. Co Author Listing * Detection and tracking of pianist hands and fingers
* Improving Visual Feature Representations by Biasing Restricted Boltzmann Machines with Gaussian Filters
Includes: Yogeswaran, A. Yogeswaran, A.[Arjun]

Yogev Ofer, E.[Einav] Co Author Listing * Interpretation of Regularization by Denoising and Its Application with the Back-Projected Fidelity Term, An
Includes: Yogev Ofer, E.[Einav] Yogev-Ofer, E.[Einav]

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