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Worgan, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Robust abandoned object detection integrating wide area visual surveillance and social context

Worgotter, F.[Florentin] Co Author Listing * COMVIS: A Communication Framework for Computer Vision
* Constrained planar cuts: Object partitioning for point clouds
* Convolutional Neural Networks for Movement Prediction in Videos
* Depth-supported real-time video segmentation with the Kinect
* Distributional semantics of objects in visual scenes in comparison to text
* Driving School System: Learning Basic Driving Skills From a Teacher in a Real Car, The
* ECOVISION: Challenges in Early-Cognitive Vision
* Large Scale Palm Tree Detection in High Resolution Satellite Images Using U-Net
* Learning to Segment Affordances
* Local Algorithm for the Computation of Image Velocity via Constructive Interference of Global Fourier Components, A
* Local Algorithm for the Computation of Optic Flow via Constructive Interference of Global Fourier Components, A
* modular system architecture for online parallel vision pipelines, A
* Multi-modal Scene Reconstruction using Perceptual Grouping Constraints
* Object Partitioning Using Local Convexity
* Occlusion Handling in Video Segmentation via Predictive Feedback
* Performance of Phase-Based Algorithms for Disparity Estimation
* Real-Time Segmentation of Stereo Videos on a Portable System With a Mobile GPU
* Reclustering Techniques Improve Early Vision Feature Maps
* Rotation-Invariant Optical Flow by Gaze-Depended Retino-Cortical Mapping
* Scene Representation Based on Multi-Modal 2D and 3D Features, A
* Semantic Decomposition and Recognition of Long and Complex Manipulation Action Sequences
* Semantic Reasoning for Scene Interpretation
* Spatially Stratified Correspondence Sampling for Real-Time Point Cloud tracking
* Statistical Analysis of Local 3D Structure in 2D Images
* Statistics of Second Order Multi-modal Feature Events and Their Exploitation in Biological and Artificial Visual Systems
* Stochastic Lane Shape Estimation Using Local Image Descriptors
* Unsupervised Generation of Context-Relevant Training-Sets for Visual Object Recognition Employing Multilinguality
* VLSI-Compatible Computer Vision Algorithm for Stereoscopic Depth Analysis in Real-Time, A
* Voxel Cloud Connectivity Segmentation: Supervoxels for Point Clouds
Includes: Worgotter, F.[Florentin] Wörgötter, F.[Florentin] (Maybe also Woergoetter, F.)Worgotter, F.
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