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Wilm, B.J. Co Author Listing * Continuous Magnetic Field Monitoring Using Rapid Re-Excitation of NMR Probe Sets
* Fast Higher-Order MR Image Reconstruction Using Singular-Vector Separation
* Gradient Response Harvesting for Continuous System Characterization During MR Sequences
* Multi-Rate Acquisition for Dead Time Reduction in Magnetic Resonance Receivers: Application to Imaging With Zero Echo Time

Wilm, F.[Frauke] Co Author Listing * Iterative Cross-Scanner Registration for Whole Slide Images

Wilm, J.[Jakob] Co Author Listing * Correction of Motion Artifacts for Real-Time Structured Light
* Error Analysis of Structured Light Scanning of Biological Tissue, An
* Precision and Accuracy Parameters in Structured Light 3-D Scanning
* Real Time Surface Registration for PET Motion Tracking
* SLStudio: Open-source framework for real-time structured light
* Unified Approach to Diffusion Direction Sensitive Slice Registration and 3-D DTI Reconstruction From Moving Fetal Brain Anatomy, A
* Video Frame Interpolation via Cyclic Fine-Tuning and Asymmetric Reverse Flow
Includes: Wilm, J.[Jakob] Wilm, J.
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Wilman, A.H. Co Author Listing * Significant Anatomy Detection Through Sparse Classification: A Comparative Study

Wilmer, M.E.[Michael E.] Co Author Listing * Interpolator for facsimile bandwidth compression

Wilmering, T. Co Author Listing * Challenge: From MPEG Intellectual Property Rights Ontologies to Smart Contracts and Blockchains, The

Wilmington, D. Co Author Listing * Single camera three-dimensional endoscope system using a ferroelectric liquid crystal device

Wilmink, R.J.H.[Ronnie J. H.] Co Author Listing * Method for capturing, measuring and analyzing motion

Wilmking, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Iterative Next Boundary Detection for Instance Segmentation of Tree Rings in Microscopy Images of Shrub Cross Sections

Wilmot, C.[Clifford] Co Author Listing * Active Sampling for Pairwise Comparisons via Approximate Message Passing and Information Gain Maximization

Wilms, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * AttentionMask: Attentive, Efficient Object Proposal Generation Focusing on Small Objects
* DeepFH segmentations for superpixel-based object proposal refinement
* Edge Adaptive Seeding for Superpixel Segmentation
* Hands in Focus: Sign Language Recognition Via Top-Down Attention
* S3AD: Semi-supervised Small Apple Detection in Orchard Environments
* Superpixel-based Refinement for Object Proposal Generation
* Which Airline is This? Airline Logo Detection in Real-World Weather Conditions
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Wilms, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Invertible Modeling of Bidirectional Relationships in Neuroimaging With Normalizing Flows: Application to Brain Aging
* Patch-Based Low-Rank Matrix Completion for Learning of Shape and Motion Models from Few Training Samples

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