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Wee, C. Co Author Listing * Novel Effective Connectivity Inference Using Ultra-Group Constrained Orthogonal Forward Regression and Elastic Multilayer Perceptron Classifier for MCI Identification

Wee, C.C.[Choo Chee] Co Author Listing * Modular-based classification system for weed classification using mixture of features

Wee, C.Y.[Chong Yaw] Co Author Listing * Derivation of blur-invariant features using orthogonal Legendre moments
* Efficient computation of radial moment functions using symmetrical property
* Fast computation of geometric moments using a symmetric kernel
* Fast Computation of Zernike Moments For Rice Sorting System
* Groupwise Segmentation Improves Neuroimaging Classification Accuracy
* Identification of Infants at Risk for Autism Using Multi-parameter Hierarchical White Matter Connectomes
* Image quality assessment by discrete orthogonal moments
* Joint Feature-Sample Selection and Robust Classification for Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis
* On the computational aspects of Zernike moments
* Quality Assessment of Gaussian Blurred Images Using Symmetric Geometric Moments
* Sorting of rice grains using Zernike moments
* Structural Feature Selection for Connectivity Network-Based MCI Diagnosis
Includes: Wee, C.Y.[Chong Yaw] Wee, C.Y.[Chong-Yaw]
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Wee, D. Co Author Listing * Regularization on Spatio-Temporally Smoothed Feature for Action Recognition

Wee, D.Y.[Dong Yoon] Co Author Listing * Detection Recovery in Online Multi-Object Tracking with Sparse Graph Tracker
* READ: Reciprocal Attention Discriminator for Image-to-Video Re-identification
* Sixth Visual Object Tracking VOT2018 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Wee, D.Y.[Dong Yoon] Wee, D.Y.[Dong-Yoon]

Wee, J.K.[Jae Kyung] Co Author Listing * Low-Hardware-Cost Motion Estimation with Large Search Range for VLSI Multimedia Processors
Includes: Wee, J.K.[Jae Kyung] Wee, J.K.[Jae-Kyung]

Wee, S.[Seungwoo] Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Video Super-Resolution
* Optimized Content-Aware Authentication Scheme for Streaming JPEG-2000 Images Over Lossy Networks, An
* Road to Immersive Communication, The
Includes: Wee, S.[Seungwoo] Wee, S.[Susie] Wee, S.

Wee, S.J.[Shi Jun] Co Author Listing * Deforestation as the Prominent Driver of the Intensifying Wildfire in Cambodia, Revealed through Geospatial Analysis
* Field-to-Frame Transcoding with Spatial and Temporal Downsampling
* Hybrid channel coding for multiresolution HDTV terrestrial broadcasting
* Method for downstream editing of compressed video
* Multiple Distortion Measures for video with temporal scalability
* On Optimal Embedded Schedules of JPEG-2000 Packets
* Performance of a multiple description streaming media content delivery network
* Rate-Distortion Hint Tracks for Adaptive Video Streaming
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Streaming of Authenticated Video
* Rate-Distortion-Authentication Optimized Streaming of Authenticated Video
* Reversing motion vector fields
* scalable source coder for a hybrid HDTV terrestrial broadcasting system, A
* Secure scalable streaming and secure transcoving with JPEG2000
* Secure Scalable Streaming Enabling Transcoding Without Decryption
* Secure transcoding with JPSEC confidentiality and authentication
* Stream Authentication Based on Generalized Butterfly Graph
* Unbalanced Multiple Description Video Communication Using Path Diversity
Includes: Wee, S.J.[Shi Jun] Wee, S.J.[Shi-Jun] Wee, S.J.[Susie J.] Wee, S.J.
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Wee, T.K.[Tae Kwon] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric GNSS RO 1D-Var in Use at UCAR: Description and Validation
Includes: Wee, T.K.[Tae Kwon] Wee, T.K.[Tae-Kwon]

Wee, W.[William] Co Author Listing * 3D Method of Using Spatial-Varying Gaussian Mixture and Local Information to Segment MR Brain Volumes
* Automatic Segmentation of MR Brain Images Using Spatial-Varying Gaussian Mixture and Markov Random Field Approach
* MR Brain Imaging Segmentation Based On Spatial Gaussian Mixture Model And Markov Random Field

Wee, W.G. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Procedure for Multi-Class Pattern Classification, An
* comparative study of deformable contour methods on medical image segmentation, A
* Constrained optimization: a geodesic snake approach
* Deformable Contour Method: A Constrained Optimization Approach
* Detecting the Spatial Structure of Natural Textures Based on Shape Analysis
* divide and conquer deformable contour method with a model based searching algorithm, A
* efficient method for eye tracking and eye-gazed FOV estimation, An
* Error analysis, modeling, and correction for 3-D range data
* Extension of the Generalized Inverse Algorithm to Multi-Class Pattern Classification, An
* Graph matching for object recognition and recovery
* Improved Adaptive Smoothing Method, An
* level set model without initial contour, A
* Mean Field Annealing Deformable Contour Method: A Constrained Global Optimization Approach
* Neighboring Gray Level Dependence Matrix for Texture Classification
* new deformable contour method, A
* Overlap elimination for registered range images
* planning model with problem analysis and operator hierarchy, A
* Range image fusion for object reconstruction and modeling
* skeleton based shape matching and recovery approach, A
Includes: Wee, W.G. Wee, W.G.[William G.]
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Wee, Y.[Youngcheul] Co Author Listing * Improved Orthogonal Fractal Super-Resolution Using Range Adjustment and Domain Extension

Wee, Y.C.[Young Cheul] Co Author Listing * On Improving JPEG Entropy Coding by means of Sub-Stream Extraction
Includes: Wee, Y.C.[Young Cheul] Wee, Y.C.[Young-Cheul]

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