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Vozel, B.[Benoit] Co Author Listing * Blind Restoration System of Blurred and Noisy Numerical Images, A
* Editorial to Special Issue Multispectral Image Acquisition, Processing, and Analysis
* Efficiency of texture image filtering and its prediction
* Efficient Rotation-Scaling-Translation Parameter Estimation Based on the Fractal Image Model
* Enhancement of Component Images of Multispectral Data by Denoising with Reference
* Hybrid Sigma Filter for Processing Images Corrupted by Multiplicative Noise
* Image database TID2013: Peculiarities, results and perspectives
* Multimodal Remote Sensing Image Registration With Accuracy Estimation at Local and Global Scales
* NoiseNet: Signal-Dependent Noise Variance Estimation with Convolutional Neural Network
* Precise Lower Bound on Image Subpixel Registration Accuracy, A
* Sequential Blind PSF Estimation and Restoration of Aerial Multispectral Images
Includes: Vozel, B.[Benoit] Vozel, B.[Benoît] Vozel, B.
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Vozenilek, V. Co Author Listing * Cartographic Concept Of The Image Map, The
* User Preferences In Image Map Using

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