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Viriri, S.[Serestina] Co Author Listing * Automatic lung segmentation based on Graph Cut using a distance-constrained energy
* Characterization of Medical Images Using Edge Density and Local Directional Pattern (LDP)
* Component-Based Ethnicity Identification from Facial Images
* Deep Convolutional Network-based Framework for Melanoma Lesion Detection and Segmentation
* Deep Forest Approach for Facial Expression Recognition
* Deep Learning Model for Skin Lesion Segmentation: Fully Convolutional Network
* Deep Learning Using Bayesian Optimization for Facial Age Estimation
* Diagnosing Tuberculosis Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* Dynamic Local Ternary Patterns for Gender Identification Using Facial Components
* Exploration of Ear Biometrics with Deep Learning
* Face-based Age and Gender Classification Using Deep Learning Model
* Facial Expression Recognition and Ordinal Intensity Estimation: A Multilabel Learning Approach
* Gender Classification Based on Facial Shape and Texture Features
* Handwritten Signature Verification Based on Enhanced Direction and Grid Features
* Hybrid Age Estimation Using Facial Images
* Leaf Classification Using Convexity Measure of Polygons
* Leaf Classification Using Convexity Moments of Polygons
* New Adaptive Thresholding Technique for Retinal Vessel Segmentation Based on Local Homogeneity Information, A
* Pre-trained Convolutional Neural Network for the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis
* Scene Classification of Remote Sensing Images Based on Convnet Features and Multi-Grained Forest
* Selecting Salient Features from Facial Components for Face Recognition
* Skeletal Age Estimation from Hand Radiographs Using Ensemble Deep Learning
* Skin Cancer Segmentation Using a Unified Markov Random Field
* Tuberculosis Abnormality Detection in Chest X-rays: A Deep Learning Approach
* Unsupervised Caries Detection in Non-standardized Bitewing Dental X-Rays
* Unsupervised Caries Detection in Non-standardized Periapical Dental X-Rays
* Weather Characterization from Outdoor Scene Images
Includes: Viriri, S.[Serestina] Viriri, S.
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Viriyasuthee, C.[Chatavut] Co Author Listing * Conformative Filter: A Probabilistic Framework for Localization in Reduced Space

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