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Unal, A.[Alper] Co Author Listing * Use of Geographical Information Systems in Analyzing Vehicle Emissions: Istanbul as a Case Study

Unal, C. Co Author Listing * new method to separate ground clutter and atmospheric reflections in the case of similar doppler velocities, A
* Object-Orientated Filter Design in Spectral Domain for Polarimetric Weather Radar
* UAV-Aided Weather Radar Calibration

Unal, C.M.H. Co Author Listing * Narrow-Band Clutter Mitigation in Spectral Polarimetric Weather Radar
* Radar Target and Moving Clutter Separation Based on the Low-Rank Matrix Optimization

Unal, E.[Ediz] Co Author Listing * Case Study of Developing An Olive Tree Database For Turkey, A
* Enhancing Fairness of Visual Attribute Predictors
Includes: Unal, E.[Ediz] ‹nal, E.[Erdem] (Maybe also Uenal, E.)

Unal, E.O.[Erdinc Orsan] Co Author Listing * Automatic Pipeline Route Design with Multi-Criteria Evaluation Based on Least-Cost Path Analysis and Line-Based Cartographic Simplification: A Case Study of the Mus Project in Turkey
Includes: Unal, E.O.[Erdinc Orsan] ‹nal, E.÷.[ErdinÁ ÷rsan] (Maybe also Uenal, E.÷.)

Unal, G.[Gozde] Co Author Listing * Active polygon for object tracking
* Active Polyhedron: Surface Evolution Theory Applied to Deformable Meshes
* Algorithms for stochastic approximations of curvature flows
* Anatomical Landmark Based Registration of Contrast Enhanced T1-Weighted MR Images
* Anatomically-Aware, Automatic, and Fast Registration of 3D Ear Impression Models
* contour-based approach to 3D text labeling on triangulated surfaces, A
* Coupled Nonparametric Shape and Moment-Based Intershape Pose Priors for Multiple Basal Ganglia Structure Segmentation
* Coupled PDEs for Non-Rigid Registration and Segmentation
* DeshuffleGAN: A Self-Supervised GAN to Improve Structure Learning
* Efficient and Robust Segmentations Based on Eikonal and Diffusion PDEs
* Efficient classification of scanned media using spatial statistics
* Estimation of Vector Fields in Unconstrained and Inequality Constrained Variational Problems for Segmentation and Registration
* Exploring DeshuffleGANs in Self-Supervised Generative Adversarial Networks
* Fast Incorporation of Optical Flow Into Active Polygons
* Feature-preserving Flows: A Stochastic Differential Equation's View
* Freeform shape clustering for customized design automation
* Graph Cuts Segmentation Using an Elliptical Shape Prior
* Higher-Order Tensor Vessel Tractography for Segmentation of Vascular Structures, A
* Information-Theoretic Active Polygons for Unsupervised Texture Segmentation
* Interacting Active Rectangles for Estimation of Intervertebral Disk Orientation
* Landmarks inside the shape: Shape matching using image descriptors
* Multimodal Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Benchmark (BRATS), The
* New Distributional Ranking Loss With Uncertainty: Illustrated in Relative Depth Estimation, A
* Rethinking CNN-Based Pansharpening: Guided Colorization of Panchromatic Images via GANs
* Screened Poisson Hyperfields for Shape Coding
* Semi-Automatic 3-D Segmentation of Anatomical Structures of Brain MRI Volumes using Graph Cuts
* Semi-Automatic Lymph Node Segmentation in LN-MRI
* Sobolev-type metric for polar active contours, A
* Stochastic differential equations and geometric flows
* Translation, Scale, and Deformation Weighted Polar Active Contours
* Tumor-Cut: Segmentation of Brain Tumors on Contrast Enhanced MR Images for Radiosurgery Applications
* Ultrasound-Specific Segmentation via Decorrelation and Statistical Region-Based Active Contours
* Variational Approach to Problems in Calibration of Multiple Cameras, A
* Variational Approach to the Evolution of Radial Basis Functions for Image Segmentation, A
* Variational Skinning of an Ordered Set of Discrete 2D Balls
* vertex-based representation of objects in an image, A
* Vessel Tractography Using an Intensity Based Tensor Model With Branch Detection
Includes: Unal, G.[Gozde] Unal, G.
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Unal, G.B. Co Author Listing * Restoration of error-diffused images using projection onto convex sets

Unal, M. Co Author Listing * Image super-resolution via sparse representation over multiple learned dictionaries based on edge sharpness

Unal, M.E.[Mesut Erhan] Co Author Listing * Cap2Det: Learning to Amplify Weak Caption Supervision for Object Detection
* Context for Object Detection via Lightweight Global and Mid-level Representations
* Learning to Overcome Noise in Weak Caption Supervision for Object Detection

Unal, O.[Ozan] Co Author Listing * Improving Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation by Learning 3D Object Detection
* Scribble-Supervised LiDAR Semantic Segmentation

Unaldi, N.[Numan] Co Author Listing * Image enhancement for improving face detection under non-uniform lighting conditions
* On Deployment of Wireless Sensors on 3-D Terrains to Maximize Sensing Coverage by Utilizing Cat Swarm Optimization With Wavelet Transform
* Undecimated Wavelet Transform-Based Image Interpolation
Includes: Unaldi, N.[Numan] Unaldi, N.

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