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Ukkusuri, S. Co Author Listing * Special Issue on Exploiting Wireless Communication Technologies in Vehicular Transportation Networks

Ukkusuri, S.V. Co Author Listing * Graph-Based Approach to Measuring the Efficiency of an Urban Taxi Service System, A
* Optimal Estimation Approach for the Calibration of the Car-Following Behavior of Connected Vehicles in a Mixed Traffic Environment, An
* Reconstructing Activity Location Sequences From Incomplete Check-In Data: A Semi-Markov Continuous-Time Bayesian Network Model
* Short-Term Demand Forecasting for on-Demand Mobility Service
* Time-of-Day Pricing in Taxi Markets
* Understanding Spatiotemporal Variations of Ridership by Multiple Taxi Services
Includes: Ukkusuri, S.V. Ukkusuri, S.V.[Satish V.]

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