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Tzirakis, P.[Panagiotis] Co Author Listing * Deep Affect Prediction in-the-Wild: Aff-Wild Database and Challenge, Deep Architectures, and Beyond
* MimicME: A Large Scale Diverse 4D Database for Facial Expression Analysis
* Recognition of Affect in the Wild Using Deep Neural Networks
* Synthesising 3D Facial Motion from In-the-Wild Speech
Includes: Tzirakis, P.[Panagiotis] Tzirakis, P.

Tziridis, K.[Konstantinos] Co Author Listing * Grapes Visual Segmentation for Harvesting Robots Using Local Texture Descriptors

Tziritas, G.[Georgios] Co Author Listing * 3-D Translational Motion Estimation from 2-D Displacements
* 3D visual reconstruction of large scale natural sites and their fauna
* 4D Ventricular Segmentation and Wall Motion Estimation Using Efficient Discrete Optimization
* Adaptive Detection and localization of Moving Objects in Image Sequences
* Adaptive Detection of Moving Objects Using Multiscale Techniques
* Any dimension polygonal approximation based on equal errors principle
* Approximate Labeling via Graph Cuts Based on Linear Programming
* Automatic people detection and counting for athletic videos classification
* Bayesian Level Sets for Image Segmentation
* Color and/or Texture Segmentation Using Deterministic Relaxation and Fast Marching Algorithms
* Colour and Texture Segmentation Using Wavelet Frame Analysis, Deterministic Relaxation, and Fast Marching Algorithms
* Construction of animal models and motion synthesis in 3D virtual environments using image sequences
* Deep Learning Techniques for Automatic MRI Cardiac Multi-Structures Segmentation and Diagnosis: Is the Problem Solved?
* Detection and Location of Moving Objects Using Deterministic Relaxation Algorithms
* Equivalent Key Frames Selection Based on Iso-Content Principles
* Estimation of Motion and Structure of 3-D Objects from a Sequence of Images
* Fast Marching to Moving Object Location
* Fast, Approximately Optimal Solutions for Single and Dynamic MRFs
* Flooding and MRF-based Algorithms for Interactive Segmentation
* Foreground object localization using a flooding algorithm based on inter-frame change and colour
* Fully-Automatic Segmentation of Cardiac Images Using 3-D MRF Model Optimization and Substructures Tracking
* Human Shape-Motion Analysis In Athletics Videos for Coarse To Fine Action/Activity Recognition Using Transferable Belief Model
* Image Completion Using Efficient Belief Propagation Via Priority Scheduling and Dynamic Pruning
* Image Completion Using Global Optimization
* Inter- and Intra-Modal Deformable Registration: Continuous Deformations Meet Efficient Optimal Linear Programming
* Interactive image segmentation based on synthetic graph coordinates
* Interactive walkthroughs using morphable 3D-mosaics
* Joint Disparity and Motion Field Estimation in Stereoscopic Image Sequences
* Lymphocyte Segmentation Using the Transferable Belief Model
* Moving object localisation using a multi-label fast marching algorithm
* MRF Energy Minimization and Beyond via Dual Decomposition
* MRF Optimization via Dual Decomposition: Message-Passing Revisited
* MRF-based segmentation and unsupervised classification for building and road detection in peri-urban areas of high-resolution satellite images
* Natural Image Segmentation Based on Tree Equipartition, Bayesian Flooding and Region Merging
* New Framework for Approximate Labeling via Graph Cuts, A
* Optical flow estimation with uncertainties through dynamic MRFs
* Optimal projection of 2-D displacements for 3-D translational motion estimation
* Panoramic view construction
* Performance vs computational efficiency for optimizing single and dynamic MRFs: Setting the state of the art with primal-dual strategies
* Predictive coding of images using an adaptive intra-frame predictor and motion compensation
* Real-time exploration and photorealistic reconstruction of large natural environments
* Recognition and Tracking of the Members of a Moving Human Body
* Robust object boundary determination using a locally adaptive level set algorithm
* semi-automatic seeded region growing algorithm for video object localization and tracking, A
* Shape-Motion Based Athlete Tracking for Multilevel Action Recognition
* Single view reconstruction using shape grammars for urban environments
* Video Segmentation Using Fast Marching and Region Growing Algorithms
* Wavelet packet analysis for face recognition
Includes: Tziritas, G.[Georgios] Tziritas, G.[George] Tziritas, G.
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