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Tsiogas, E.[Efthimios] Co Author Listing * V-disparity Based Obstacle Avoidance for Dynamic Path Planning of a Robot-trailer

Tsiotas, I.A. Co Author Listing * Assessing the Contribution of Spectral and Temporal Features for Annual Land Cover and Crop Type Mapping

Tsiotras, P. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Planning and Control for Intelligent Vehicles in Traffic
* Interpolation and parallel adjustment of center-sampled trees with new balancing constraints
* Multiresolution Motion Planning for Autonomous Agents via Wavelet-Based Cell Decompositions
* Nonlinear Driver Parameter Estimation and Driver Steering Behavior Analysis for ADAS Using Field Test Data
* Visual SLAM for Asteroid Relative Navigation
Includes: Tsiotras, P. Tsiotras, P.[Panagiotis]

Tsiotsios, A.[Akis] Co Author Listing * Monocular, Real-Time Surface Reconstruction Using Dynamic Level of Detail

Tsiotsios, C.[Chourmouzios] Co Author Listing * Backscatter Compensated Photometric Stereo with 3 Sources
* Model effectiveness prediction and system adaptation for photometric stereo in murky water
* Near-lighting Photometric Stereo for unknown scene distance and medium attenuation
* On the choice of the parameters for anisotropic diffusion in image processing

Tsioukas, V.[Vassilios] Co Author Listing * 3D Photogrammetric Recording Using DLT and CAD
* 4D Photogrammetric recording of soft and hard tissues of the lower part of face for decision making in dental treatment planning
* Earth Observations As A Tool for Detecting and Monitoring Potential Environmental Violations and Policy Implementation
* Low Level Tracking of Multiple Objects
* Recording And Modelling Of Monuments' Interior Space Using Range And Optical Sensors
Includes: Tsioukas, V.[Vassilios] Tsioukas, V. Tsioukas, V.[Vasilios]

Tsioumas, M.[Michalis] Co Author Listing * Geometric Algebra Animation Method for Mobile Augmented Reality Simulations in Digital Heritage Sites, A

Tsiourti, C. Co Author Listing * Ambulatory Assessment of Affect: Survey of Sensor Systems for Monitoring of Autonomic Nervous Systems Activation in Emotion

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