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Tsin, Y. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Color Constancy for Outdoor Object Recognition
* computational model for periodic pattern perception based on frieze and wallpaper groups, A
* correlation-based model prior for stereo, A
* Kernel Correlation as an Affinity Measure in Point-Sampled Vision Problems
* Real-Time Feature Matching using Adaptive and Spatially Distributed Classification Trees
* Real-Time Vision at Siemens Corporate Research
* Stereo Matching with Linear Superposition of Layers
* Stereo matching with reflections and translucency
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Tsin, Y.H.[Yang Hai] Co Author Listing * ASpanFormer: Detector-Free Image Matching with Adaptive Span Transformer
* Calibration of an Outdoor Active Camera System
* Correlation-Based Approach to Robust Point Set Registration, A
* Critical Regularizations for Neural Surface Reconstruction in the Wild
* Explicit 3D Modeling for Vehicle Monitoring in Non-overlapping Cameras
* Exploiting Occluding Contours for Real-Time 3D Tracking: A Unified Approach
* Flexible Edge Arrangement Templates for Object Detection
* Gait Sequence Analysis Using Frieze Patterns
* Globally optimal affine epipolar geometry from apparent contours
* Learn to Track Edges
* NeILF: Neural Incident Light Field for Physically-based Material Estimation
* Object Detection Using 2D Spatial Ordering Constraints
* Promise and Perils of Near-Regular Texture, The
* Statistical Calibration of the CCD Imaging Process
* Statistical Shape Models for Object Recognition and Part Localization
* System for Video Surveillance and Monitoring, A
* Texture Replacement in Real Images
* Using a DEM to Determine Geospatial Object Trajectories
Includes: Tsin, Y.H.[Yang Hai] Tsin, Y.H.[Yang-Hai] Tsin, Y.H.
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Tsinaraki, C.[Chrisa] Co Author Listing * Interoperability Support for Ontology-Based Video Retrieval Applications
* Rich metadata and context capturing through CIDOC/CRM and MPEG-7 interoperability

Tsinberg, M. Co Author Listing * DVD technology

Tsingalis, I.[Ioannis] Co Author Listing * Cross-lingual transfer learning: A PARAFAC2 approach
* Fast constrained person identity label propagation in stereo videos using a pruned similarity matrix
* Label Propagation on Facial Images Using Similarity and Dissimilarity Labelling Constraints
* Leveraging Skeleton Structure and Time Dependencies in the Scope of Action Recognition
* Simple Algorithm for Non-Negative Sparse Principal Component Analysis, A
Includes: Tsingalis, I.[Ioannis] Tsingalis, I.

Tsingas, V. Co Author Listing * 3D Modelling of the Acropolis of Athens Using Balloon Images and Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Recording, Modeling, Visualisation and GIS Applications Development for the Acropolis of Athens

Tsinos, C.G. Co Author Listing * Efficient Algorithm for Unit-Modulus Quadratic Programs With Application in Beamforming for Wireless Sensor Networks, An

Tsintotas, K.A.[Konstantinos A.] Co Author Listing * Appearance-based Loop Closure Detection with Scale-restrictive Visual Features
* Revisiting Problem in Simultaneous Localization and Mapping: A Survey on Visual Loop Closure Detection, The
* Tracking-DOSeqSLAM: A dynamic sequence-based visual place recognition paradigm

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