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Tous, F.[Francesc] Co Author Listing * Color Constancy by Category Correlation
* Induction operators for a computational colour-texture representation
* Relaxed Grey-World: Computational Colour Constancy by Surface Matching
Includes: Tous, F.[Francesc] Tous, F.

Tous, R.[Ruben] Co Author Listing * Anatomy of an Optical Biopsy Semantic Retrieval System, The
* Distributed training of deep neural networks with spark: The MareNostrum experience
* JPEG's JPSearch Standard: Harmonizing Image Management and Search
* JPSearch: New international standard providing interoperable framework for image search and sharing
* Uniform query formalization in mobile visual search: From standards to practice

Tousant, K. Co Author Listing * VR Kiosk, The

Tousant, K.T.D. Co Author Listing * Digital Restitution of Lot 3317: Using Underwater Image Based Modelling to Generate Value in Virtual Heritage Experiences, The

Tousch, A.M.[Anne Marie] Co Author Listing * Semantic hierarchies for image annotation: A survey
Includes: Tousch, A.M.[Anne Marie] Tousch, A.M.[Anne-Marie]

Touseef, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Surface Water Availability under Climate Change Using Coupled SWAT-WEAP in Hongshui River Basin, China
* Enhancing Streamflow Modeling by Integrating GRACE Data and Shared Socio-Economic Pathways (SSPs) with SWAT in Hongshui River Basin, China

Tousek, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Auto-focusing in Extreme Zoom Surveillance: A System Approach with Application to Faces

Tousi, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Automatic Correction of Internal Units in Generative Neural Networks

Tousi, E.G.[Erfan Ghasemi] Co Author Listing * How Groundwater Level Fluctuations and Geotechnical Properties Lead to Asymmetric Subsidence: A PSInSAR Analysis of Land Deformation over a Transit Corridor in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area

Tousignant, A.[Annie] Co Author Listing * Fast Exact Area Image Upsampling with Natural Biquadratic Histosplines

Touska, D.[Despoina] Co Author Listing * Detecting Tampered Videos with Multimedia Forensics and Deep Learning
* Graph-based Data Association in Multiple Object Tracking: A Survey
* VERGE in VBS 2022
* VERGE in VBS 2023

Toussaint, G. Co Author Listing * Nice Perspective Projections

Toussaint, G.T. Co Author Listing * Algorithms for Recognizing Contour-Traced Handprinted Characters
* Bayes classification rule for the general discrete case
* Bibliography on Estimation of Misclassification
* Classification of atypical cells in the automatic cytoscreening for cervical cancer
* Complexity, Convexity, And Unimodality
* Computing the Width of a Set
* counter-example to a convex hull algorithm for polygons, A
* Counterexample to a Diameter Algorithm for Convex Polygons, A
* Counterexample to an Algorithm for Computing Monotone Hulls of Simple Polygons, A
* Drawing Nice Projections of Objects in Space
* Efficient Algorithm for Decomposing a Polygon into Star-Shaped Polygons, An
* Efficient Algorithms for Computing the Maximum Distance
* Efficient Convex Hull Algorithms for Pattern Recognition Applications
* Experiments in Text Recognition with the Modified Viterbi Algorithm
* Fast Convex Hull Algorithm, A
* Historical Note on Convex Hull Finding Algorithms, A
* Improved Algorithm to Check for Polygon Similarity, An
* Linear-Time Algorithm for Solving the Strong Hidden-Line Problem in a Simple Polygon, A
* Measuring the complexity of two-dimensional binary patterns: Sub-symmetries versus Papentin complexity
* New Linear Algorithm for Triangulating Monotone Polygons, A
* Note on Linear Expected Time Algorithms for Finding Convex Hulls, A
* On A Convex Hull Algorithm for Polygons and Its Application to Triangulation Problems
* On Approximating Polygonal Curves in 2 and 3 Dimensions
* On Computing General Position Views of Data in Three Dimensions
* On the Application of the Convex Hull to Histogram Analysis in Threshold Selection
* On the Detection of Structures in Noisy Pictures
* On the Ultimate Convex Hull Algorithm in Practice
* Optimal Algorithms for Computing the Minimum Distance between Two Finite Planar Sets
* Pattern Recognition and Geometrical Complexity
* Relative Neighborhood Graphs and Their Relatives
* Relative Neighbourhood Graph of a Finite Planar Set, The
* Results Obtained Using a Simple Character Recognition Procedure on Munson's Handprinted Data
* Shortest Path Solves Edge-to-Edge Visibility in a Polygon
* Simple Linear Hidden-Line Algorithm for Star-Shaped Polygons, A
* Simple O(n log n) Algorithm for Finding the Maximum Distance between Two Finite Planar Sets, A
* Simple Proof of Pach's Extremal Theorem for Convex Polygons, A
* Single Linear Algorithm for Intersecting Convex Polygons, A
* Special Issue on Computational Geometry
* Time- and Storage-Efficient Implementations of an Optimal Planar Convex Hull Algorithm
* use of context in pattern recognition, The
* Use of Contextual Constraints in Recognition of Contour-Traced handprinted Characters
* Visibility Between Two Edges of a Simple Polygon
Includes: Toussaint, G.T. Toussaint, G.T.[Godfried T.]
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Toussaint, K.C.[Kimani C.] Co Author Listing * Quantitative Classification of 3D Collagen Fiber Organization From Volumetric Images

Toussaint, M. Co Author Listing * Motion Segmentation Using Inference in Dynamic Bayesian Networks

Toussaint, N. Co Author Listing * Weakly Supervised Estimation of Shadow Confidence Maps in Fetal Ultrasound Imaging

Toussaint, R. Co Author Listing * Correlation of multi-temporal ground-based optical images for landslide monitoring: Application, potential and limitations

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