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Tono, A. Co Author Listing * Synthetic Data Generation Pipeline for Geometric Deep Learning In Architecture

Tonoli, C.[Claudia] Co Author Listing * Error Resilience in Current Distributed Video Coding Architectures

Tonolo, F.G.[F. Giulio] Co Author Listing * 3d Glacier Mapping By Means of Satellite Stereo Images: the Belvedere Glacier Case Study In the Italian Alps
* 3d Thermal Mapping of Architectural Heritage
* Apple LiDAR Sensor for 3D Surveying: Tests and Results in the Cultural Heritage Domain
* Are Measured Ground Control Points Still Required In UAV Based Large Scale Mapping? Assessing the Positional Accuracy of An RTK Multi-rotor Platform
* Boosting the Timeliness of UAV Large Scale Mapping. Direct Georeferencing Approaches: Operational Strategies and Best Practices
* Documentation of Complex Environments Using 360 Cameras. The Santa Marta Belltower in Montanaro
* Haiti Earthquake Damage Assessment: Review Of The Remote Sensing Role
* iPad Pro Built-in Lidar Sensor: 3D Rapid Mapping Tests and Quality Assessment, The
* Structural Building Damage Detection with Deep Learning: Assessment of a State-of-the-Art CNN in Operational Conditions
* Thermal and Optical Data Fusion Supporting Built Heritage Analyses
* UAV Photogrammetry and VHR Satellite Imagery for Emergency Mapping. The October 2020 Flood In Limone Piemonte (Italy)
Includes: Tonolo, F.G.[F. Giulio] Tonolo, F.G.[Fabio Giulio] Tonolo, F.G.
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Tonomura, Y.[Yoshihide] Co Author Listing * Color-component bit allocation scheme for JPEG 2000 parallel codec
* Digital Cinema and Super-High-Definition Content Distribution on Optical High-Speed Networks
* Layered Multicast Encryption of Motion JPEG2000 Code Streams for Flexible Access Control
* Method and apparatus for video cut detection
* Minimum hardware implementation of multipliers of the lifting wavelet transform
* Theoretical analysis on optimum word length assignment for integer DCT
* Unitary Transform-Based Template Protection and Its Application to l2-norm Minimization Problems
* VideoStyler: multi-dimensional video computing for eloquent media interface
Includes: Tonomura, Y.[Yoshihide] Tonomura, Y. Tonomura, Y.[Yoshinobu]
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Tonon, C.[Caterina] Co Author Listing * Binary and Multi-class Parkinsonian Disorders Classification Using Support Vector Machines

Tonon, G.[Giustino] Co Author Listing * Comparison of the Signal from Diverse Optical Sensors for Monitoring Alpine Grassland Dynamics, A
* Testing the Height Variation Hypothesis with the R rasterdiv Package for Tree Species Diversity Estimation

Tonooka, H. Co Author Listing * Accurate Atmospheric Correction of ASTER Thermal Infrared Imagery Using the WVS Method
* Analysis of Permafrost Distribution and Change in the Mid-East Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau during 2012-2021 Using the New TLZ Model
* ASTER Cloud Coverage Assessment and Mission Operations Analysis Using Terra/MODIS Cloud Mask Products
* Image-to-Image Subpixel Registration Based on Template Matching of Road Network Extracted by Deep Learning
* In-Flight Radiometric Calibration of Compact Infrared Camera (CIRC) Instruments Onboard ALOS-2 Satellite and International Space Station
* Modeling Land Use Transformations and Flood Hazard on Ibaraki's Coastal in 2030: A Scenario-Based Approach Amid Population Fluctuations
* Prediction of the Area of High-Turbidity Water in the Yatsushiro Sea, Japan, Using Machine Learning with Satellite, Meteorological, and Oceanographic Data
* Radiometric Performance Evaluation of ASTER VNIR, SWIR, and TIR
* Validation of ASTER/TIR Standard Atmospheric Correction Using Water Surfaces
* Vicarious Calibration of ASTER Thermal Infrared Bands
Includes: Tonooka, H. Tonooka, H.[Hideyuki]
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Tonouchi, Y. Co Author Listing * Fast and Memory Efficient Online Handwritten Strokes Retrieval Using Binary Descriptor
* Hybrid Approach to Detect Texts in Natural Scenes by Integration of a Connected-Component Method and a Sliding-Window Method, A
* On-Line Japanese Character Recognition Method Using Length-Based Stroke Correspondence Algorithm, An
* Path Evaluation and Character Classifier Training on Integrated Segmentation and Recognition of Online Handwritten Japanese Character String
* Text Input System Using Online Overlapped Handwriting Recognition for Mobile Devices
Includes: Tonouchi, Y. Tonouchi, Y.[Yojiro]

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