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Thee, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Accuracy assessment of airborne photogrammetrically derived high-resolution digital elevation models in a high mountain environment

Theeda, P.[Prasad] Co Author Listing * Nullspace Property for Optimality of Minimum Frame Angle Under Invertible Linear Operators
* Optimization of Low-Dose Tomography via Binary Sensing Matrices

Theelen, T. Co Author Listing * Fast Convolutional Neural Network Training Using Selective Data Sampling: Application to Hemorrhage Detection in Color Fundus Images

Theelke, L.[Luisa] Co Author Listing * Iterative Cross-Scanner Registration for Whole Slide Images

Theenathayalan, V.[Varunan] Co Author Listing * Effect of Reduced Anthropogenic Activities on Water Quality in Lake Vembanad, India
* Regional Satellite Algorithms to Estimate Chlorophyll-a and Total Suspended Matter Concentrations in Vembanad Lake

Theera Umpon, N.[Nipon] Co Author Listing * Non-homothetic granulometric mixing theory with application to blood cell counting
* Thai sign language translation using Scale Invariant Feature Transform and Hidden Markov Models
* Training Neural Networks to Count White Blood Cells Via a Minimum Counting Error Objective Function
Includes: Theera Umpon, N.[Nipon] Theera-Umpon, N.[Nipon]

Theeramunkong, T. Co Author Listing * feature combination technique for off-line Thai character recognition system, The

Theerthagiri, S.[Sudhakar] Co Author Listing * SP-CIDS: Secure and Private Collaborative IDS for VANETs

Theetten, A. Co Author Listing * Determining characteristic views of a 3D object by visual hulls and Hausdorff distance

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