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Thayananthan, A.[Arasanathan] Co Author Listing * Estimating 3D hand pose using hierarchical multi-label classification
* Filtering using a tree-based estimator
* Hand Pose Estimation Using Hierarchical Detection
* Hierarchical Part-Based Human Body Pose Estimation
* Learning a Kinematic Prior for Tree-Based Filtering
* Likelihood Models For Template Matching using the PDF Projection Theorem
* Model-Based Hand Tracking Using a Hierarchical Bayesian Filter
* Multivariate Relevance Vector Machines for Tracking
* Pose estimation and tracking using multivariate regression
* Principled fusion of high-level model and low-level cues for motion segmentation
* Regression-Based Human Motion Capture From Voxel Data
* Shape context and chamfer matching in cluttered scenes
Includes: Thayananthan, A.[Arasanathan] Thayananthan, A.
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Thayaparan, T. Co Author Listing * Extracting Micro-Doppler Radar Signatures From Rotating Targets Using Fourier-Bessel Transform and Time-Frequency Analysis
* High-Frequency Ionospheric Monitoring System for Over-the-Horizon Radar in Canada
* Optimum time~frequency distribution for detecting a discrete-time chirp signal in noise
* Separation of nonstationary signals using Fourier Bessel, fractional Fourier and time-frequency analysis

Thayasivam, U.[Uthayasanker] Co Author Listing * Flowchroma: A Deep Recurrent Neural Network for Video Colorization

Thayer, D.[Donnette] Co Author Listing * Interannual Variability in Dry Mixed-Grass Prairie Yield: A Comparison of MODIS, SPOT, and Field Measurements

Thayer, D.R.[Donnette R.] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Grassland Seasonal Carbon Dynamics, by Integrating MODIS NDVI, Proximal Optical Sampling, and Eddy Covariance Measurements

Thayer, J.S.[John S.] Co Author Listing * Enhanced fast fourier transform technique on vector processor with operand routing and slot-selectable operation

Thayer, K.[Kyle] Co Author Listing * Monitoring the Efficacy of Crested Floatingheart (Nymphoides cristata) Management with Object-Based Image Analysis of UAS Imagery

Thayer, S. Co Author Listing * Integrated Mobile Robotic System for Environmental Mapping and Object Localization, An
* Residual Uncertainty in 3-Dimensional Reconstruction Using 2-Planes Calibration and Stereo Methods
* Residual Uncertainty in 3-Dimensional Reconstruction Using 2-Planes Calibration and Stereo Methods
* System for Three-Dimensional Robotic Mapping of Underground Mines, A
* Three-Dimensional Sensing, Graphics, and Interactive Control in a Human-Machine System for Decontamination and Decommissioning Applications
Includes: Thayer, S. Thayer, S.[Scott]

Thayer, S.M. Co Author Listing * Designing stereo heads using task domain constraints

Thayyil, J.P.[Jayachandran P.] Co Author Listing * Global Positioning System (GPS) Scintillation Associated with a Polar Cap Patch

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