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Tewfik, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Knowledge-Augmented Contrastive Learning for Abnormality Classification and Localization in Chest X-rays with Radiomics using a Feedback Loop
* Optimal Waveform Selection for Radar Target Classification
* Radiomics-Guided Global-Local Transformer for Weakly Supervised Pathology Localization in Chest X-Rays
* Scalable Cryptographic Scheme for Networked Multimedia Applications
Includes: Tewfik, A.[Ahmed] Tewfik, A.

Tewfik, A.H. Co Author Listing * Active Contour Based Rock Sole Recognition
* Affine-Invariant Multiresolution Image Retrieval Using B-Splines
* Arithmetic Coding with Dual Symbol Sets and Its Performance Analysis
* Audio-visual content-based violent scene characterization
* Binary Wavelet Decomposition of Binary Images, A
* Coding for Content-Based Retrieval
* Color Halftone Document Segmentation and Descreening
* Content Adaptive Watermark Embedding in the Multiwavelet Transform Using a Stochastic Image Model
* Data Hiding for Video-in-Video
* Detection of Blood Perfusion
* Dissolve Transition Detection using B-Splines Interpolation
* Eigen-Image Based Video Segmentation and Indexing
* Eigenstructure Approach to Edge Detection, An
* Embedded Object Dictionaries for Image Database Browsing and Searching
* Expert Computer Vision Based Crab Recognition System
* Fast polynomial regression transform for video database
* Geometric Invariance in image watermarking
* Highly Reliable Stochastic Perceptual Watermarking Model Based on Multiwavelet Transform
* Hybrid wavelet transform filter for image recovery
* Image Coding by Folding
* Image Coding for Content-Based Retrieval
* Image coding with wavelet representations, edge information and visual masking
* Image Watermarking by Moment Invariants
* improved error control paradigm for multimedia transmission over wireless networks, An
* In vivo tracking of 3D organs using spherical harmonics and subspace clustering
* LMS-based attack on watermark public detectors
* Minimization of the Spurious Shot Boundaries Using Principal Components Decomposition and Progressive Nonlinear Filter
* MultiGrid Embedding (MGE) Image Coding
* Multimedia Data Embedding and Watermarking Technologies
* Multiresolution Video Watermarking Using Perceptual Models and Scene Segmentation
* Multiscale Sigma Filter and Active Contour for Image Segmentation
* Novel High-Capacity Data-Embedding System, A
* Optimal waveform selection in range-Doppler imaging
* Power optimized mode selection for H.263 video coding and wireless communications
* Progressive Quantized Projection Approach to Data Hiding
* Progressive resolution motion indexing of video object
* Real Time 3D Visualization of Intraoperative Organ Deformations Using Structured Dictionary
* Robust Audio Watermarking Using Perceptual Masking
* Robust Estimation of Planar Rigid Body Motion in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Search Strategies for Radar Target Localization
* Segmented rapid magnetic resonance imaging using structured sparse representations
* Sequential Techniques in Hierarchical Radar Target Localization
* Sigma filtered perceptual image coding at low bit rates
* Speaker Identification and Video Analysis for Hierarchical Video Shot Classification
* Subband coding of binary textual images for document retrieval
* Subband Domain Coding of Binary Textual Images for Document Archiving
* SVD-Based Fragile Watermarking Scheme for Image Authentication, A
* Theory of true-velocity duplex imaging using a single transducer
* Transparent robust image watermarking
* Unsupervised Color Image Segmentation for Content-Based Application
* Visual masking and the design of magnetic resonance image acquisition
* Wavelet decomposition of binary finite images
Includes: Tewfik, A.H. Tewfik, A.H.[Ahmed H.]
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