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Sziranyi, T.[Tamas] Co Author Listing * email: Sziranyi, T.[Tamas]: sziranyi AT lutra sztaki hu
* Adaptive Image Decomposition into Cartoon and Texture Parts Optimized by the Orthogonality Criterion
* Adaptive Stabilization of Vibration on Archive Films
* Anisotropic Diffusion as a Preprocessing Step for Efficient Image Compression
* Application of Panoramic Annular Lens for Motion Analysis Tasks: Surveillance and Smoke Detection
* Automatic detection of structural changes in single channel long time-span brain MRI images using saliency map and active contour methods
* Bayesian Estimation of Common Areas in Multi-Camera Systems
* Bayesian Foreground and Shadow Detection in Uncertain Frame Rate Surveillance Videos
* Calibrationless Sensor Fusion Using Linear Optimization for Depth Matching
* Change Detection in Optical Aerial Images by a Multilayer Conditional Mixed Markov Model
* Comparing Objective and Subjective Quality Results for Compression Pre-processing with Non-linear Diffusion
* Content-based image retrieval using stochastic paintbrush transformation
* Creating animations combining stochastic paintbrush transformation and motion detection
* Dense subgraph mining with a mixed graph model
* Detection of Gait Characteristics for Scene Registration in Video Surveillance System
* Detection of Object Motion Regions in Aerial Image Pairs With a Multilayer Markovian Model
* Digital Video Event Detector Framework for Surveillance Applications
* Dynamic training of hand gesture recognition system
* Efficient coding of stroke-rendered paintings
* Eigenwalks: Walk Detection and Biometrics from Symmetry Patterns
* Estimation of Common Groundplane Based on Co-motion Statistics
* Extraction of Horizontal Vanishing Line Using Shapes and Statistical Error Propagation
* Flexible test-bed for unusual behavior detection
* Focus Area Extraction by Blind Deconvolution for Defining Regions of Interest
* Folk Song Retrieval System with a Gesture-Based Interface, A
* Fully automatic image colorization based on Convolutional Neural Network
* Geometrical Scene Analysis Using Co-motion Statistics
* Graph-based Analysis of Textured Images for Hierarchical Segmentation
* Hand Gesture Recognition in Camera-Projector System*
* Harris function based active contour external force for image segmentation
* High Definition Feature Map for GVF Snake by Using Harris Function
* Higher order symmetry for non-linear classification of human walk detection
* Image matching based on co-motion statistics
* Image Segmentation Using Markov Random Field Model in Fully Parallel Cellular Network Architectures
* Immediate Vehicle Movement Estimation and 3D Reconstruction for Mono Cameras by Utilizing Epipolar Geometry and Direction Prior
* Improved force field for vector field convolution method
* KonIQ-10k: An Ecologically Valid Database for Deep Learning of Blind Image Quality Assessment
* Local contour descriptors around scale-invariant keypoints
* Localization of Map Changes by Exploiting SLAM Residuals
* Localizing people in multi-view environment using height map reconstruction in real-time
* Markovian Framework for Foreground-Background-Shadow Separation of Real World Video Scenes
* MASAT: A fast and robust algorithm for pose-graph initialization
* Mixed Markov model for change detection in aerial photos with large time differences, A
* Motion Segmentation and Tracking with Edge Relaxation and Optimization using Fully Parallel Methods in the Cellular Nonlinear Network Architecture
* Motion-based flexible camera registration
* Multi-Layer MRF Model for Object-Motion Detection in Unregistered Airborne Image-Pairs, A
* Multi-View Pedestrian Tracking Method in an Uncalibrated Camera Network, A
* Multi-view people surveillance using 3D information
* Multidirectional Building Detection in Aerial Images without Shape Templates
* Multigrid MRF based picture segmentation with cellular neural networks
* Multilayer Markov Random Field models for change detection in optical remote sensing images
* New Saliency Point Detection and Evaluation Methods for Finding Structural Differences in Remote Sensing Images of Long Time-Span Samples
* No-reference video quality assessment via pretrained CNN and LSTM networks
* Noise effects in statistical subpixel pattern recognition
* Non-linear scale-selection for image compression improvement obtained by perceptual distortion criteria
* Obstacle Prediction for Automated Guided Vehicles Based on Point Clouds Measured by a Tilted LIDAR Sensor
* Optical Flow and Expansion Based Deep Temporal Up-Sampling of LIDAR Point Clouds
* Optimization of Paintbrush Rendering of Images by Dynamic MCMC Methods
* Optimizing of Searching Co-Motion Point-Pairs for Statistical Camera Calibration
* Orientation Based Building Outline Extraction In Aerial Images
* Orientation-selective building detection in aerial images
* Orthogonality Based Stopping Condition for Iterative Image Deconvolution Methods
* Picture Segmentation with Introducing an Anisotropic Preliminary Step to an MRF Model with Cellular Neural Networks
* Random Paintbrush Transformation
* Reconstructing static scene viewed through smoke using video
* Road Condition Detection and Emergency Rescue Recognition Using On-Board UAV in the Wildness
* Spatio-temporal Segmentation with Edge Relaxation and Optimization Using Fully Parallel Methods
* Statistical Pattern Recognition of Low Resolution Pictures
* Statistical subpixel pattern recognition by histograms
* Stochastic View Registration of Overlapping Cameras Based on Arbitrary Motion
* Study on color space selection for detecting cast shadows in video surveillance
* Sub-pattern texture recognition using intelligent focal-plane imaging sensor of small window-size
* Subpixel Pattern-Recognition by Image Histograms
* Supervised training based hand gesture recognition system
* Temporal Up-Sampling of LIDAR Measurements Based on a Mono Camera
* Texture Classification and Segmentation by Cellular Neural Networks Using Genetic Learning
* Texture classification by cellular neural network and genetic learning
* Texture Recognition Using a Superfast Cellular Neural Network VLSI Chip in a Real Experimental Environment
* Trainable blotch detection on high resolution archive films minimizing the human interaction
* Twin Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Example-Based Image Colorization
* Use of Motion Statistics for Vanishing Point Estimation in Camera-Mirror Scenes
* Use of Vanishing Point for the Classification of Reflections From Foreground Mask in Videos, The
* User-adaptive hand gesture recognition system with interactive training
* Video camera registration using accumulated co-motion maps
* VISRET: A Content Based Annotation, Retrieval and Visualization Toolchain
Includes: Sziranyi, T.[Tamas] Szirányi, T.[Tamás] Szirányi, T. Sziranyi, T. Sziranyi, T.[Tamás] Sziranyi, T.[Tamŕs] Szirányi, T.[Tamáss]
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Szirmay Kalos, L. Co Author Listing * Averaging and Metropolis Iterations For Positron Emission Tomography
* image-based method for animated stroke rendering, An
* Multiple importance sampling characterization by weighted mean invariance
* Multiple Importance Sampling for PET
* Volume enhancement with externally controlled anisotropic diffusion
Includes: Szirmay Kalos, L. Szirmay-Kalos, L. Szirmay-Kalos, L.[László]

Szirtes, G.[Gabor] Co Author Listing * Behavioral cues help predict impact of advertising on future sales
Includes: Szirtes, G.[Gabor] Szirtes, G.[Gábor]

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