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Syed Hatim, N. Co Author Listing * Combination of Geospatial and Clinical Analysis in Predicting Disability Outcome After Road Traffic Injury (RTI) in a District in Malaysia, A

Syed Yusof, S.K. Co Author Listing * On the Impact of Prefiltering on Compressed Sensing in Presence of Invalid Measurements
Includes: Syed Yusof, S.K. Syed-Yusof, S.K.

Syed, A.[Arsal] Co Author Listing * CNN, Segmentation or Semantic Embeddings: Evaluating Scene Context for Trajectory Prediction
* Compiling a geospatial database of existing oil sands industrial features for Alberta Environment
* Optimal Sampling Operator for Signal Restoration in the Presence of Signal Space and Observation Space Noises
* SIMBAR: Single Image-Based Scene Relighting For Effective Data Augmentation For Automated Driving Vision Tasks
Includes: Syed, A.[Arsal] Syed, A.[Aneeqa] Syed, A.[Aqeel] Syed, A.[Ameerah]

Syed, A.H. Co Author Listing * Discrete Topology Based Hierarchical Segmentation for Efficient Object-Based Image Analyis: Application to Object Detection in High Resolution Satellite Images

Syed, A.Z.[Afraz Z.] Co Author Listing * Mining the Urdu Language-Based Web Content for Opinion Extraction
* Semantic Similarity Analysis of Urdu Documents

Syed, I.[Ikram] Co Author Listing * framework for head pose estimation and face segmentation through conditional random fields, A

Syed, M.[Maaz] Co Author Listing * Improved identification of abdominal aortic aneurysm using the Kernelized Expectation Maximization algorithm
* Invexity of the Minimum Error Entropy Criterion
Includes: Syed, M.[Maaz] Syed, M.

Syed, M.A. Co Author Listing * Multi-kernel metric learning for person re-identification

Syed, S.[Sidra] Co Author Listing * Recent Changes in Drought Events over South Asia and Their Possible Linkages with Climatic and Dynamic Factors
* Self-attentive Adversarial Stain Normalization
Includes: Syed, S.[Sidra] Syed, S.[Sana]

Syed, S.A.[Sohaib Ali] Co Author Listing * Describing contrast across scales

Syed, S.N.[Shahram N.] Co Author Listing * Learning by Aligning Videos in Time

Syed, T. Co Author Listing * Appearance-based data augmentation for image datasets using contrast preserving sampling

Syed, T.H.[Tajdarul Hassan] Co Author Listing * Detecting and Analyzing the Evolution of Subsidence Due to Coal Fires in Jharia Coalfield, India Using Sentinel-1 SAR Data

Syed, T.Q. Co Author Listing * 3D facial reconstruction from a single 2D rasterstereography image
* Adaptive filtering and hypothesis testing: Application to cancerous cells detection
* Detection and Counting of in vivo cells to predict cell migratory potential
* Leveraging Mutual Information in Local Descriptions: From Local Binary Patterns to the Image
* Z-Images
Includes: Syed, T.Q. Syed, T.Q.[Tahir Q.]

Syed, W. Co Author Listing * Photo-Identification of Humpback and Gray Whales using Affine Moment Invariants

Syed, Y.F. Co Author Listing * Multiresolution transmission of video using an EZW coder with GA generated motion vectors
* Steganography for a Low Bit-rate Wavelet Based Image Coder

Syeda Mahmood, T.[Tanveer] Co Author Listing * Automatic estimation of left ventricular dysfunction from echocardiogram videos
* Automatic Selection of Keyframes from Angiogram Videos
* Cardiac disease detection from echocardiogram using edge filtered scale-invariant motion features
* Disease-Specific Extraction of Text from Cardiac Echo Videos for Decision Support
* Echocardiogram view classification using edge filtered scale-invariant motion features
* Exploiting spatio-temporal information for view recognition in cardiac echo videos
* Guest Editors' Introduction to the Special Section on Award Winning Papers from the IEEE CS Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)
* Multi-atlas Segmentation with Learning-Based Label Fusion
* Pyramid Histograms of Motion Context with Application to Angiogram Video Classification
* Segmentation of Anatomical Structures in Four-Chamber View Echocardiogram Images
* Shape-based matching of heart sounds
* Shape-Based Retrieval of Heart Sounds for Disease Similarity Detection
* Shape-based similarity retrieval of Doppler images for clinical decision support
* Tree-Based Transforms for Privileged Learning
* Unsupervised Clustering using Multi-Resolution Perceptual Grouping
* Viewpoint Recognition in Cardiac CT Images
Includes: Syeda Mahmood, T.[Tanveer] Syeda-Mahmood, T.[Tanveer] Syeda-Mahmood, T.
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Syeda Mahmood, T.F.[Tanveer F.] Co Author Listing * email: Syeda Mahmood, T.F.[Tanveer F.]: stf AT almaden ibm com
* Attentional Selection in Object Recognition
* CueVideo: a system for cross-modal search and browse of video databases
* CVIU special issue on event detection in video
* Data and Model-Driven Selection Using Closely-Spaced Parallel-Line Groups
* Data and Model-Driven Selection Using Color Regions
* Data and Model-Driven Selection Using Parallel-Line Groups
* Data Driven and Model Driven Selection Using Parallel Line Groups
* Detecting Perceptually Salient Texture Regions in Images
* FormPad: A Camera-Assisted Digital Notepad
* Indexing Colored Surfaces in Images
* Indexing for Topics in Videos using Foils
* Indexing of Technical Line Drawing Databases
* Information Extraction from Multimodal ECG Documents
* Interval hash tree: an efficient index structure for searching object queries in large image databases
* Locating Indexing Structures in Engineering Drawing Databases Using Location Hashing
* Method and apparatus for locating multi-region objects in an image or video database
* Method of grouping handwritten word segments in handwritten document images
* Model Driven Selection using Texture
* On describing color and shape information in images
* Order-preserving clustering and its application to gene expression data
* Recognizing action events from multiple viewpoints
* Recognizing Similarity Through a Constrained Non-Rigid Transform
* Segmenting actions in velocity curve space
* Supporting Content-Based Retrieval in Large Image Database-Systems
* View-invariant alignment and matching of video sequences
Includes: Syeda Mahmood, T.F.[Tanveer F.] Syeda-Mahmood, T.F.[Tanveer F.] Syeda-Mahmood, T.F.[Tanveer Fathima] Syeda-Mahmood, T.F.
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