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Suwa, K. Co Author Listing * Analysis on the Resolution of Polarimetric Radar and Performance Evaluation of the Polarimetric Bandwidth Extrapolation Method
* Image-Based Target Detection and Radial Velocity Estimation Methods for Multichannel SAR-GMTI
* Three-Dimensional Target Geometry and Target Motion Estimation Method Using Multistatic ISAR Movies and Its Performance
* Two-Dimensional Bandwidth Extrapolation Technique for Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar Images, A

Suwa, M. Co Author Listing * Accuracy improvement for handwritten Japanese word recognition by combination of character and word recognizer
* Color-Mixing Correction of Overlapped Colors in Scanner Images
* Curved paper rectification for digital camera document images by shape from parallel geodesics using continuous dynamic programming
* Efficient contrast invariant stereo correspondence using dynamic programming with vertical constraint
* Handwritten Numeral Recognition Using Personal Handwriting Characteristics Based on Clustering Method
* Recovering high dynamic range by Multi-Exposure Retinex
* Segmentation of connected handwritten numerals by graph representation
* Separation of overlapped color planes for document images
* Shape Recovery of Specular Surface Using Color Highlight Stripe and Light Source Coding
* Special issue on IAPR MVA2013 best papers
* Textureless object detection using cumulative orientation feature
Includes: Suwa, M. Suwa, M.[Misako] Suwa, M.[Masaki]
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Suwajanakorn, S.[Supasorn] Co Author Listing * Depth from focus with your mobile phone
* DiFaReli: Diffusion Face Relighting
* Diffusion Autoencoders: Toward a Meaningful and Decodable Representation
* Guided Motion Diffusion for Controllable Human Motion Synthesis
* Illumination-Aware Age Progression
* Learning Geometric-Aware Properties in 2D Representation Using Lightweight CAD Models, or Zero Real 3D Pairs
* NeX360: Real-Time All-Around View Synthesis With Neural Basis Expansion
* NeX: Real-time View Synthesis with Neural Basis Expansion
* Repurposing GANs for One-Shot Semantic Part Segmentation
* StyleGAN Salon: Multi-View Latent Optimization for Pose-Invariant Hairstyle Transfer
* Total Moving Face Reconstruction
* Towards Pointsets Representation Learning via Self-Supervised Learning and Set Augmentation
* What Makes Tom Hanks Look Like Tom Hanks
* Zero-guidance Segmentation Using Zero Segment Labels
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Suwal, M.K.[Madan Krishna] Co Author Listing * Ensemble Model for Co-Seismic Landslide Susceptibility Using GIS and Random Forest Method, An

Suwala, A.[Adrian] Co Author Listing * Face Identity-Aware Disentanglement in StyleGAN

Suwandana, E. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of ASTER GDEM2 in Comparison with GDEM1, SRTM DEM and Topographic-Map-Derived DEM Using Inundation Area Analysis and RTK-dGPS Data

Suwandy, A. Co Author Listing * Face obscuration in a video sequence by integrating kernel-based mean-shift and active contour
* Feature-level fusion of palmprint and palm vein for person identification based on a Junction Point representation
* Fusion of Palmprint and Palm Vein Images for Person Recognition Based on Laplacianpalm Feature
* Person recognition by fusing palmprint and palm vein images based on Laplacianpalm representation
Includes: Suwandy, A. Suwandy, A.[Andy]

Suwanlee, S.R.[Savittri Ratanopad] Co Author Listing * Estimating Sugarcane Aboveground Biomass and Carbon Stock Using the Combined Time Series of Sentinel Data with Machine Learning Algorithms
* Monitoring Agricultural Land and Land Cover Change from 2001-2021 of the Chi River Basin, Thailand Using Multi-Temporal Landsat Data Based on Google Earth Engine
* Spatial Interaction Effect of Population Density Patterns in Sub-Districts of Northeastern Thailand

Suwansrikham, P.[Parinya] Co Author Listing * Entropy information-based heterogeneous deep selective fused features using deep convolutional neural network for sketch recognition

Suwanwela, N.C.[Nijasri C.] Co Author Listing * Multiscale adaptive regularisation Savitzky-Golay method for speckle noise reduction in ultrasound images

Suwanwimolkul, S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Markov Random Field for Structured Compressive Sensing, An
* Learning of low-level feature keypoints for accurate and robust detection
Includes: Suwanwimolkul, S. Suwanwimolkul, S.[Suwichaya]

Suwanwiwat, H.[Hemmaphan] Co Author Listing * Automatic Off-Line Short Answer Assessment System Using Novel Hybrid Features, An
* Automatic Student Verification System Utilising Off-Line Thai Name Components, An
* complete automatic short answer assessment system with student identification, A
* Thai Automatic signature verification System Employing Textural Features
Includes: Suwanwiwat, H.[Hemmaphan] Suwanwiwat, H.

Suwardhi, D.[Deni] Co Author Listing * 3D Modeling of Individual Trees from LiDAR and Photogrammetric Point Clouds by Explicit Parametric Representations for Green Open Space (GOS) Management
* 3D Surveying, Modeling and Geo-Information System of the New Campus of ITB-Indonesia
* Automatic Workflow for Roof Extraction and Generation of 3D CityGML Models from Low-Cost UAV Image-Derived Point Clouds
* Close-range Photogrammetry Method for Sf6 Gas Insulated Line (gil) Deformation Monitoring
* Development of Spatial Model for Food Security Prediction Using Remote Sensing Data in West Java, Indonesia
* Digital 3D Borobudur: Integration of 3D surveying and modeling techniques
* Heritage Smart City Mapping, Planning and Land Administration (Hestya)
* Low Cost Web-application for Management of 3d Digital Building And Complex Based on BIM and GIS
* Multi-Scale and Multi-Sensor 3D Documentation of Heritage Complexes in Urban Areas
* Multi-sensor 3d Recording Pipeline for The Documentation of Javanese Temples
* Polyfit Assisted Monoscopic Multi-image Measurement Systems
* Registration of 2d Drawings On a 3d Point Cloud As a Support for The Modeling of Complex Architectures
* Technical Considerations in Low-cost Heritage Documentation
Includes: Suwardhi, D.[Deni] Suwardhi, D.
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