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Surman, P. Co Author Listing * Advanced three-dimensional television system technologies
* European Research into Head Tracked Autostereoscopic Displays
* Glasses-Free 3-D and Augmented Reality Display Advances: From Theory to Implementation
* Glasses-free light field 3D display
* Head tracked multiview 3D display
* Laser-based multi-user multi-modal 3D displays
* Latest Research at the Advanced Displays Laboratory at NTU
* Light engine and optics for HELIUM3D auto-stereoscopic laser scanning display
* Liquid crystal elements for 3D displays
* Measurement and evaluation of head tracked auto-stereoscopic displays
* Multi-layer light field display characterisation
* Multi-user glasses free 3D display using an optical array
* real-time head tracker for autostereoscopic display, A
* Salience Guided Depth Calibration for Perceptually Optimized Compressive Light Field 3D Display
* Single and multi-user head tracked glasses-free 3D displays
* State of the Art in Stereoscopic and Autostereoscopic Displays
* Stereoscopic and autostereoscopic display systems
* Survey of 3DTV Displays: Techniques and Technologies, A
* Towards the reality of 3D imaging and display
* Two-layer optimized light field display using depth initialization
* Viewable floating displays using simple secondary optical elements
Includes: Surman, P. Surman, P.[Phil] Surman, P.[Philip]
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Surmann, H.[Hartmut] Co Author Listing * Attentive, Multi-modal Laser Eye, An
* Automatic model refinement for 3D reconstruction with mobile robots
* Bimodal Laser-Based Attention System, A
* Efficient Transmission and Rendering of RGB-D Views
* Fast Acquiring and Analysis of 3-D Laser Range Data
Includes: Surmann, H.[Hartmut] Surmann, H.

Surmeneli, H.G. Co Author Listing * Investigating for 3d Turkey Cadastre With International Standards
* Towards Integration of LADM and CityGML for the Cadastral System Of Turkey
Includes: Surmeneli, H.G. Sürmeneli, H.G. (Maybe also Suermeneli, H.G.)

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